Fire and Halos

Please don’t ask me to kill you right now,
let’s go on a trip instead.
We all hit the wall and it’s how far you fall,
not what’s on in your head.

The fire within,
is moving without,
Break free of your chains,
fear and self doubt.

I will drink you like water,
till there’s left only sin.
Take off your broken halo,
let us together begin.


One response to “Fire and Halos

  1. My halo slipped tripped
    And shattered on the floor
    Will take another 35 Years to build more

    Batman full of Ego and tonnes of Bullshit
    This Little Catwoman Just stood in it

    Do drink Dear
    Its rancid and if you have luck
    The trip will fill you of purpose
    Bite flesh slurp and suck

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