What are you?

What I am is what I often wonder,
 where I’m going is very unknown,
 what I am not I also often ponder 
 when I am flowing in the Theta zone. 
I am a being of pure potential energy
wrapped in a meat suit on a never ending quest
 a seemingly infinite ability to create memory,
in the limitless expansion of our consciousness. 
I am an artist with a message to relay
 thoughts are the medium from which I create,
they form into experiences for others’ to play,
 many love what I present and many more hate.
I am a scientist with knowledge to impart
 alone at sea in a boat that’s way off course,
 commingling conceptual technology with art,
entangling us with the strong and the weak force
 I am a solid ghost of the spirit I once was,
 wandering the Earth for somewhere to stay,
 when others’ sense my energy they pause,
because they’ve never felt quite that way.
I am a target with no individual civil rights
 terrified each day of the back seeking knife,
stuck in a suspended state of flight or fights. 
 a lover forced to forego & miss out on life.
 I am a poet who can make most ideas rhyme
 saddened by the prospect of the next waking day
 my only deep love is that which I have for time
gliding down a dark empathy path all of the way.

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