What Fears Become from The Horror Zine

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Featuring the work of dead beat poet

Published by Imajin Books

From horror masterminds Bentley Little, Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Joe R. Lansdale, Elizabeth Massie, Piers Anthony, Melanie Tem, Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Scott Nicholson, Conrad Williams, Simon Clark and a host of other respected authors, poets and artists comes WHAT FEARS BECOME, a terrifying collection of bone-chilling, nail-biting horror that is sure to keep you awake until all hours of the night.

This anthology brings together some of the best works from The Horror Zine, an online magazine dedicated to giving you chills and thrills. Edited by Jeani Rector, each story, poem and art work within showcases an international talent that will give you shivers.

Featuring three poems by dead beat poet [b.a.d].

Published by Imajin Books

"Each spine-tingling chiller takes the reader into the depths of eerie imaginations!" ―Fangoria


Ultimate Oral Sustenance

Oral self indulgence of every sort

copulation of the intimate source

sustenance from dead flesh gives us power

red food gives us all fire from within

hyperventilate with each others lips

the heart not only pumps blood and breathing

savor true flavor under the wet tounge

ultimate taste experience engulfs

more intoxicated with every bite

what ever you want is on the plate now.

Aetherspheric Dream Mates


 Conflict resolution in R.E.M.

torturous melodramatics involve

our dreams are blending aethersperheically

convection from all three conscious levels

brands about them are somewhat revealing

sleeping through the good parts of everything

bait with hot and switch emotions with cold

give all you have and take nothing but love

offer a wet tongue and withdraw a smile

lovely sleeping mates are always about.

Are You We

Are you going to abandon me
are you going to turn and run
are you going to listen to me
are we going to experience fun ?

Are you who you say you are
are you who you want to be
are you who you are by far
are we going to together see ?

Are you dancing to the same beat
are you on the same frequency
are you someone we want to meet
are we going to redefine delinquency ?

i Don”T Want You

i don’t respond to hints

i don’t respond to bait

i don’t respond to kindness

i don’t respond to hate.


don’t tell me your name

don’t follow me around

don’t drive me more inane

don’t sing me your sound.


want is what they ask for

want is what they adore

want is what they save for

want is waiting behind the black door.


you are not like the others that are around

you just figured out we’re not really here

you know what’s up without looking down

you’re transrapid gliding in our aethersphere.

Fallatiotic Red Vixen

Tiffany was a red headed nymphette seventy two inches tall
practising law by day and a fallatiotic dancing vixen by night
her hair was bright red all over and yes i mean bare and all
i never knew her very well but she blew me with mighty might.

She loved to blow me everywhere there was a chance of getting caught
spending more time with my thing in her mouth than actually talking
any partially private public space is what she constantly sought
trips with me at the wheel just so she could play while i was driving
alarmless elevators and bathroom stalls is what she found especially hot.

It was as if she had a deadly disease with little time left to find another cure
the only antidote that worked was my stuff administered daily as a face cream
this was a whirlwind sexual thing and once she was cured was gone forever
we never copulated but she loved my fingers while doing her favourite thing.

Looking back and remembering this little tryst, it’s always with a smile
although it has crossed my mind that the whole time i was being used
thinking of all the instances she would gulp and run after a short while
with the taste of a new seaman still on her lips that was recently spewed
was she secretly running to a mate to french kiss him or her with my bile?

She loved my taste so much that she always said ahhhhaaaa and thank you
sometimes pretending it was a paintbrush and her face a painting to be
every time i see a new fiery beauty the engram can’t help but renew
what she might look like with her red eyelashes glistening with me.

Blissfull Vajayjay Day

The stars seem brighter as you remain unfound
because you have opened my eyes once more
we realized in your absence a beauty once sound
no longer descend past the valentine day door.

cupid was fine when we were a time that myths were the reason
we have a new celebration mostly for her and a little for him
the day is now stolen from a cute baby angel in kissing season
because what is desired at nights end is satiated dripping wet trim.

we believe it’s time to begin a new tradition of sway
paying homage to something adults can adorn and adore
from now on annually in february every girl shares this day
the right to feel, look and act like your form of whore.

there are many lessons to be learned along way to she gleen
tendencies inspire to put the cooter owner up in a pedal tower
envision a cadre of rounded hips with bits and pieces in between
when it comes to being face to face with the ultra pussy power
wherever you go in every spacetime there is cha cha to be seen.

all are unique and some quite exquisite while coming in a wide range
every once in a while you accidentally come across the cunt variety
when the moon is full there’s nothing wrong with a little strange
most of the owners are nice and good and very vital to our society.

some dangle their poon for a nice free dinner out or the vip line
other la-las are used to manipulate love to live the way they might
for some their honey spot is their money pot and for them that’s fine
in the case of wax pain it’s worth our pleasure through the long night
responsible owners take care of their yum yum treasure all the time.

most coochie connoisseurs prefer the absence of all fur reminisces
many like a nice little trim and neatly quaffed but not bare
others like a little beaver power patch of devine deliverance
there are those who love a big furry bush at which to stare.

there are many options and the choice is yours they’re your lips
there are many ways to prepare the infinitely complex Mt. Venus
here are a few friendly tips for your pre-pleasure tune-up trips
from the mound top to the perineum taint just above the anus.

accouterments galore are available everywhere within ink studios
with a few little things made of metal and maybe some real fangs
everyone takes creative requests and good artists are real pros
with ink and piercings for the brave and daring darling gangs.

consider these when you’re planning for a trim for the trout
prepare for the ouch because it’s completely worth the pain
enjoy the waxing pain in case the big night doesn’t work out
nikhedonia can be addickting for both you and him the same.

a ‘landing strip’ on the Mound of Venus liberates the outer labia
the full monty goes deeper and includes a punani triangle-hood-top
the sphinx cleans the beach up and down the whole pelvic box area
stealth mode is a brazilian lady business landing strip-non-stop.

some celebrate the fact that they no longer have one
others that the last is forever gone and hopefully put away
many are blissfully happy with just what they have done
today is the day everyone celebrates Blissfull Vajayjay Day.

Angelicate Bitten Cure

You’re so gorgeous i can do nothing in vain
can be so un-perfect you make the right rain
cannot kiss your feet or ever get ahead again
you make us un-hungry being so much good pain.

Everything you dare to do is darkly irresistible
being is wonderful while stuck inside your glue
everything you are is bitterly-sweet kissable
feeling simple elegance while breathing in you.

You run around in circles and take away breath
making us want to eat you up while being dreamy
hugging you inside till we both find true death
you turn our dark world upside down and creamy.

You make things seem too good to be very un-true
everything you want to do is dangerously delicate
hooked and smitten while being cooked and bitten
even while being very bad you’re quite angelicate.


Inspired by “Why Can’t I Be You”  The Cure

Mona’s Idiom Challenge

A picture paints a race against rhyme
a thousand balls are now in your court
hell gets real blurry when love is a crime
a woman adorned reigns while my escort

scratches from starting all over again
reducing fears with whine and no dine
biting off way more than we can fain
running out of charm for the third time

in the moment of heat x-marks the g-spot
nailing the head with hits on the face
bedding on the right side of the money shot
between a hard rock and a lonely place.

Little Star

My little star sleeps next to me,
tiny nightmares light my way.
Why she’s here it’s hard to say,
please leave tomorrow, not today.

She sees me, not as I am,
but shades of dark-pale gray.
Now I’m awake and she’s disappeared,
I know I’ll miss her for the whole day.

As soon as I’m home it’s back to bed,
she’ll be waiting within my walls of red.
And then I drift off to my sweet,
it’s only in my dreams we ever meet.



Fire and Halos

Please don’t ask me to kill you right now,
let’s go on a trip instead.
We all hit the wall and it’s how far you fall,
not what’s on in your head.

The fire within,
is moving without,
Break free of your chains,
fear and self doubt.

I will drink you like water,
till there’s left only sin.
Take off your broken halo,
let us together begin.

Favorite Dish Wish

I give into sin with everything within,
I find myself alone again once and for all freely.
Fascination for everything you grew times ten,
when you came to me so helplessly.

I don’t know what sound you are,
please tune it to the top fun.
I’ll dance with you alone under a star,
until the break of dawn.

I really don’t love you but like is not the word,
you will lose control and have to stay.
With my hands on your flesh time will fly like a bird.
my persuasive ways are beyond what they say.

With you on top there’s nothing else on stage,
you can’t escape if there is no barrier.
i’m like a virus of pleasure and rage,
you are the willing carrier.

Take everything off there is no need to deal,
you are about to be granted a wish.
It’s my wish too for our very next meal,
and you are my favorite dish.

Dream Valentine

I need you so bad I’m all empty without you.
I know it’s an impossible dream to do.
The dream makes me feel extraordinarily new.
I don’t think I could handle the real and whole you .

My heart will stop beating,
the moment you touch my hand.
My eyes will start melting,
and blood turn to sand.

You are always so beautiful too,
I still can’t tell how you look when I see.
If I had only one wish I would give it to you,
and pray that you make it for me.

A midnight sound check on your vocal cords from me,
with the rest of your strings to follow,
I’ll tune you up and then turn you on,
pick you up and play you till dawn.

Giving you pleasure is all that I live for,
wherever we’ve finished with one to do.
You’ve got another one coming,
or maybe even three or two.

I don’t care what you think of me,
just treat me like your private whore.
With the bill paid well in advance,
now and forever more.

Whip me, beat me, lick me,
screw me and come all over my snout.
Tell me you love me a thousand times,
pick up your things and then get the fuck out.

Inferior Ways

You need to get out,
they tell me in vain.
Buy me another,
drink to my pain.

The line outside,
is like the interior.
i cannot stand by,
and feel this inferior.

Thanks for the invite,
the ride and a drink.
Next time and always,
remember I think.

Give me a girl,
or something to say.
i’ll be yours for a moment,
then we do it my way.

Pleasant Nightmares

When you are breathing next to my ear,
the transmission is clearly received.
All you wanted was everything dear,
regardless of who was deceived.

When ever I fall it’s always for theft,
help me to discover your underhand.
You got all the love and whatever’s left,
nothing was enough to understand.

I awake from the pain of my flesh tearing off,
my nightmares seem pleasant when you’re there.
Unnecessary words only do harm and scoff,
I never promised my love would be fair.

The sheets are wet with my blood and your tears,
another night with nothing to lose.
If servitude is bliss when entering years,
it is with you whom I will choose.

Door Sex

i need you right now,
it’s really not my choice.
You take me there,
with the look of your voice.

Behind the black door,
i’ll do my best.
To make you feel better,
than all of the rest.

Strap up your back,
put up your feet.
As the lights go down,
i’ll turn up the heat.