Fire and Halos

Please don’t ask me to kill you right now,
let’s go on a trip instead.
We all hit the wall and it’s how far you fall,
not what’s on in your head.

The fire within,
is moving without,
Break free of your chains,
fear and self doubt.

I will drink you like water,
till there’s left only sin.
Take off your broken halo,
let us together begin.

Broken Halo Nest


i know you’re there lurking and low,
waiting for me in the moon glow.

Take my hand, go to the floor,
walk through my black door.

The floor is long and a wooden sea,
into my arms that are empty as can be.

i’m not afraid anymore of what’s in store,
in the dark is where i’ll be waiting for more.

There is a dance floor and very much more,
and yes even maybe there will be mating.

A nest broken halos i lay at your feet,
along with myself seeking a sweet treat.

Take me i’m yours for you to do with.
whatever it is you desire or wish.