Trapped and Unscathed


 In another life I died and went to hell
this is where I happened to end up instead
with an unbelievable new tale to tell
writing with pulsations powering my head.

 Death is the least of my problems you see
evil comes with fancy packaging in the name of lust
until you I was trapped and with nowhere to be
now I am doomed and will again do what I must.

You stroll through life unscathed with destain
you get people to cheat and you ask them to lie
while everyone around you is suffering in pain
you get others to turn away as your targets die

If it wasn’t for people doing what they do
there would be nothing to despise or hate
you still don’t really know yourself do you?
when we were together I’d rather masturbate.

Wemembering Everything Bad

We used to hate everything bad together for real good fun

wememberings of what happened 7 long hard years ago

which someone of the 5,000 friends is not the real one

when everybody stops we know it’s time to get up & go.

Life is just a job and what happens to us we call reality

sitting at the big kids table you only ask smart questions

the perceptions we have had between they us and we

rarely for the greater good do we engage in suggestions

having an opinion and giving advise is easy when it’s early.

Lovelust is the challenge and nothing much can be undone

do San Francisco with everything and anybody to do it with

socialize at a poetry night and challenge yourself to read one

we keep out of the hives as drones become part of the myth

a year of long weekends alone and stark yet still having fun.

My fb profile is nearly full with 1,052 active of 5,000 fbeople

what a non-boring city as an indolent bunch with our readings

they are an unfriend to make room for others at the steeple

they’ve obviously mistaken me for someone with no feelings.


Pistanthrophobic Nyctophilia

There once was a shy boy who didn’t blink,

he liked to read books then sit around and think,

he thought he’d be forever eating alone over the sink,

until he met a smart girl dancing with piercings and ink.

At first he didn’t quite realize that she was just like him,

she noticed his unblinking eyes which created a grin,

although they look different they are the same within,

they both devour knowledge and like it when it’s grim.

When it comes to love they both have a phobia,

it seems to others that they have xenophobia,

but they just have a bit of pistanthrophobia,

together they indulge their nyctophilia.


Brainspotting Hipsters

Straining for attention to recognize their coolness
having all their pictures tagged in blissful vain
there’s nothing more important than how to dress
hipster spotting in urban-ville searching for the brain.

There is a place where you can stand and be ignored
looking for eyes that dart away from your old look
life slips and what once was cool is now not adored
being sociably different as pages in the same book.

Smile and wink like autographs and final answers
youthful skirts float and shaved bald heads bounce
hogging all the glances while ignoring all the cancers
zig zagging through the crowd with irony to renounce.

Nonchalant Day Walkers

They give each other meaningless titles
misdirection at every fork in the twisting road
self reverent obstacles instead of recitals
they have everyone trained with Pavlovian ode.

Life is falling in every possible direction
up and down and side to sideways as well
inside out and diagonally right outside in
we do all the saying that they have to tell.

Chatter is flatter when nothing does matter
words are now empty and flow vapidly hollow
makes us feel bad being a good for not ratter
to disagree with every truth meant to swallow.

Resolving disagreements with their internal bias
disposition is something they keep in their gall
pick and choose what they see and hear as pious
scorn and ridicule what they admire most of all.

Leave alone their nonchalant attitudinal emergency
live in the darkness and die daily like the light
dance alone till dawn with no one else particularly
see what’s sometimes wrong and do what’s always right.

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Concentrated Audio Accoutrements

Now you may relax,
now you may concentrate,
now you may focus,
now you may anticipate.

The center that you seek,
the center that you store,
truth is something we all reek,
secrets are always behind the black door.

With your sophomoric arguments,
please don’t saddle our kind,
turn your eyes into accoutrements,
dj music will expanded your mind.

Written while listening to Bunnywhiskers on Radio Valencia

Spare Change for Peace

Potatoes and tuna fish for dinner

almost free ramen noodles with an egg

worried about what to eat at month’s end

every moment warped with an empty angst

there should be free food everywhere we are

change for peace and the beggars and hungary

random acts of freedom are what’s needed

the starving have jobs and children as well

pay for peace because war is the easy

put freedom on the menu as anything.