Powerless Power


I’m powerless to change the things I have done,
I can’t unhurt the people who have run,
I’m powerless to get back the years that I’ve lost,
I can’t even imagine the complete and total cost,
I’m powerless to make others forgive and forget,
I can’t take back the other me they regret.
I’m powerless to move forward alone and without,
I can’t rely again on charismatic clout.
I’m powerless to stand alone with me, myself and I,
that is the path where I do nothing by die.
I’m powerless at love because there’s none left inside,
I can’t even fake it so instead I hide.
I;m powerless to hate others for how they’ve treated me,
I don’t want to know what they actually see.
I’m powerless to make amends from my faux ivory tower,
the only chance I may have left is through a higher power.


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