Neotenous Damsel

lost at sea

When we met we were both adrift at sea
with no land in sight and nothing to see
no way to know which way to go astray
and no real way to row there any way
in my small boat I was going my own way
though I stopped to pee and what did I see
a neotenous damsel crying please save me!

You needed me bad and wanted me to stay
the ship that I had captained was big and long
it was sunk in order to write a sad love song
so we tied them up and together went along
you had some people who were on their way.

Six months passed until someone finally arrived
we had saved each other in more ways than one
they rescued you at night and left me deprived
without saying thank you or here’s your hug & fun
I am grateful that you were there when we nosedived
at least you left food, water, useful trash and some gum.


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