The Final Insurrection


 I’m all about nothing to lose,
all hope lost but still I breathe,
there is nothing left to bemuse,
I’m their target because I’m naive.

The final phase has begun,
no one is safe from their wrath,
say goodbye to freedom and fun,
prepare for a four-blood-moon bloodbath.

You can’t escape or run away,
they know your name and address,
it can happen any upcoming day,
they’ll torture though you’ll have nothing to confess.

Bad people everywhere and good are few & far between,
the truth is out there and you know just where,
the ugly are most beautiful of all and feed off being seen,
but to acknowledge its presence more than you dare.

They are slaves to greed and possessions,
you are just free enough to choose your professions,
there will be no one left to hear your confessions,
your only last hope will be the insurrections.


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