S.C.R.E.A.M for P.E.A.C.E.

We’re protesting in the streets and demanding honesty in the face,
who’s asking what causes crimes to be committed in the first place?
let’s abolish that and move on in peace without hardly leaving a trace. 
Peace through superior firepower is the only model that society’s been believing,

The 1% have all the time in the world to think about rules because that’s pretty much all that they do,
by analyzing around town they look pretty good at it and it seems they are playing a multilayered game.
They’re playing interdimensional chess and with it building a complex society which now needs renew,
the people are playing backgammon and checkers and honor has been replaced with quest for fame. 

Armed with my degree and the use of a dictionary I certainly understand the meaning of ABOLISH. 
I’m only an amature constitutional scholar and  keep two copies on my desk just in case of debate,
If it was done so then then when we read so now we can easily see that it’s all spit and polish,
there’s still a loophole that allows for any one of us to easily become a SLAVE of the State.

What if there was no government guiding our minds and choices to which we can appeal? 
finish the trip that began long ago and most recently with Martin, Harriet and Abe too.
would systemic problems like we have still be present and continue to be too real?
If change is what we demand then it is us who must be prepared to change too.

From my view here are a few places where we can start to make some real change,
stop stopping people for being brownly suspicious when they’re obeying the law clearly.  
Let the community decide when a crime is committed and stop using guns with the deranged, 
domestic violence interventionalists and what else? Oh yea, END MOTHERFUCKING SLAVERY!

Change Section 1 of the 13th Amendment which cletary states that SLAVERY still has some legalization,
because when there is an arrest and punishment for a crime that comes in the form of any legal conviction.
Since 1863 everyone of us who is convinced by action becomes a SLAVE of the STATE without recognition, 

It is Congress who enforces this clause with every pound of the gavel and with the passing of new legislation. 
Finally ABOLISH SLAVERY NOW as it’s not that hard to make this change because nothing has to be added, 
here let me show you how to edit it shouldn’t take very long because all we need to do is delete this portion:
remove this phrase now and justly destroy the remnants of Institutionalized Oppression and Exploitation.

DEMAND from Congress to remove from the Constitution this poorly amended exception clause,
or go on national television and explain to this nation’s people of color why it should remain. 
This shouldn’t require much debate since you’ve taken a knee and removed your claws, 
unless it’s a symbolic gesture like all the times and promises before you brought pain. 

Because we live in a society where doing nothing wrong or one simple tryst,
can make you a lifelong SLAVE of the State for whom freedom cannot exist.
until this change is made now for all then nature will compel us to RESIST.

All throughout history up until now and war has been ever present.
It occurs at the highest levels of wealth and government entities,
and all way down to all people including the poorest peasant, 
far beyond occasional skirmishes we’re a warring species.

Let this time unite us instead of divide us our choice is all we have,
after reading this it should seem that protesting and causing pains,
asking the state for less police profiling, brutality and violence is like, 
begging for a thinner set of glossy collars and a stylish pair of chains. 

We can’t change the past but we can accelerate the future to now,
time and technology are on our side in this struggle against neo-fascism.
Everything is nature and we can change so nature can change and show us how,  
progress our consciousness and transmogrify into a higher form of Transhumanism.

SLAVERY cannot exist if we are all part of the same hive mind and anti-war,
our collective minds must synchronize together before this happens.
Spontaneous Creativity Rapidly Expands Aethershperic Modulation for 
People Evolve As Consciousness Expands.


The Final Insurrection


 I’m all about nothing to lose,
all hope lost but still I breathe,
there is nothing left to bemuse,
I’m their target because I’m naive.

The final phase has begun,
no one is safe from their wrath,
say goodbye to freedom and fun,
prepare for a four-blood-moon bloodbath.

You can’t escape or run away,
they know your name and address,
it can happen any upcoming day,
they’ll torture though you’ll have nothing to confess.

Bad people everywhere and good are few & far between,
the truth is out there and you know just where,
the ugly are most beautiful of all and feed off being seen,
but to acknowledge its presence more than you dare.

They are slaves to greed and possessions,
you are just free enough to choose your professions,
there will be no one left to hear your confessions,
your only last hope will be the insurrections.

Once They Are You


Once you’re in their trap it’s impossible to escape alive
they make you squirm in the muck and crawl into the trough
things are more internecine than most could possibly derive
nothing works well and that is by their design as they scoff
around every corner a snarff is sniffing with intent to deprive.

They get others unknowingly on their side by spending most widely
they assign slanderous names towards those who exercise any logic
they raise their voice with absolute statements of false profundity
they believe that they’re our naturally ultra-superior being biologic
they thrive on sucking you in with their pseudo-pleasant demeanor mildly.

You begin throwing away everything while looking for the one right accoutrement
you know there is plenty of water nearby and all that you need is a little help
you keep your house from melting to the ground as a matter of little consequent
you witness all of your beloved things slowly melting away without a loud yelp
you see people show up for a while but their desired effect seems to be opposite.

They creep out and crawl into everything just to muck-it-up with believable lies
they then leave everything in a irreparable shambles then blame it all on you
they hat free speech everywhere and always lurk around in a friendly disguise
they argue about and attack everything personally that you may attempt to do
they use emotions and lack the recognition of reason to drive away allies.

They will ignore everything you do or say well and criticize the rest
they will cut you off from everything good before you’re taken away
they won’t ever miss you because everyone thinks you’re depressed
they imagine your house is slowly melting with no place to stay
like a slow fire burn that takes away everything possessed.

The Eye-light Essence [Sun Trance Virus Pt. 2]

Part 1


Pt. 2

To trance or not to trance became the only asked question
it became the dividing line that everyone could see being drawn
it didn’t matter where you came from or how much money was yours
to trance was not a choice but many would make it or fake it if they could
everyone that started trancing would become a Trancer and most a roughneck
it was impossible to hide and eventually everyone is suspect and gets the check
fakers were everywhere on both sides of the line taking more than they should
once the eye-light could be captured they became free trancing whores
a wide open free range and homes designed to capture their dawn
a weekly visit to the treatment center where they plugged-in.

Trancers transferred their energy to the grid
everyone on Earth became somewhat maladjusted
chaos ensued and wars erupted where once there was peace
there were many different types of trancers but the world had been divided
a type of pseudo alliance emerged that would take a millennia to be grasped fully
enemies became united as society disintegrated and transmogrified simultaneously
it wasn’t an infectious disease but rather a bio-code that’s been coincided
the trancers realized they were not the problem but the fleece
a rebellion occurred and while no one could be trusted
a trancer could tell one of their own by their eyelid.

There is only one natural way to Sun Trance
everyone still ate the same food even in the disarray
the hunters entrusted with the secret have become the hunted
people wanted what the trancers had and would do anything for eye-light
it became what replaced all religion and became the primary reason to be distressed
even though many knew the secret of the source they waged to keep it suppressed
a lie like reality was created that would blur the lines of who there was to fight
the mystery of the source was like an invisible wedge that shunted
like playing ping-pong with a player who doesn’t want to play
Sun Trancers and blue bloods just could not dance.

Ultra Trancers can kinda read your complete thoughts
when this was discovered they began to call it a disorder
they medicated all of the senses away almost without trying
they did everything possible to suppress the Trance from the masses
they say it gave them unfair advantages in an otherwise corrupt playing field
they began to be excluded from activities and some expected them to yield
Not all were Ultra but had enhanced talent when wearing sunglasses
among their abilities is that they can tell when someone is lying
it began slowly without needing a fired first shot or boarder
the eye-light from the Sun made us all astronauts.

Cognitive Self-slavery


You are not allowed to do what you want to do,
your owners have little to nothing to fear,
you’re only allowed to do what they let you,
until you wake up to the truth of their smear.

They teach you what they want you to believe,
they feed you full of a partial false reality,
the only thing they will not let you perceive,
is to truly be the master of your own destiny.

They let you vote for most everything you want,
including which master you’ll bow to as a slave,
when it comes to your life they act nonchalant,
you don’t matter unless you begin to misbehave.

You have your electro gadgets and video games,
injustice surrounds you and your blind friend,
the world around you is going up in flames,
as you pretend you can’t see or comprehend.

They deceive, disrupt, discredit and divide,
you don’t own yourself though you think you might,
they make us fight their wars while they run and hide,
overcome your dissonance and join the consciousness fight.

Brainspotting Hipsters

Straining for attention to recognize their coolness
having all their pictures tagged in blissful vain
there’s nothing more important than how to dress
hipster spotting in urban-ville searching for the brain.

There is a place where you can stand and be ignored
looking for eyes that dart away from your old look
life slips and what once was cool is now not adored
being sociably different as pages in the same book.

Smile and wink like autographs and final answers
youthful skirts float and shaved bald heads bounce
hogging all the glances while ignoring all the cancers
zig zagging through the crowd with irony to renounce.

Mild Economical Horror

They will laugh,
as we knock on their door.
They will laugh,
as we do all the dying at war.

They will laugh,
like there’s nothing to care about,
They will laugh,
because those with cash have clout.

Their grin will turn into a smile,
when the wins become less.
Their laugh with turn to snicker,
with the first sign of distress.

Their wonder will turn to a mild horror,
as their empire evaporates like a tree.
Their pockets will eventually empty themselves,
by the rest of us giving and doing most everything for free.


What would you be willing to do for money ?

Score Keeping Popoganda

Every war has two fronts with one the battle lines and the other for home field perspectives

the one with weapons get funded while the other with waves are them that pays with their breath

the weapons of destruction are made by a complex network of private corporate collectives

the waves come in light and sound as what you see and hear to encourage you to accept the death

your consciousness and all the others from the collective masses is the battlefield of defectives.

They distract you with games of corporate domination and keep score by causing currency plights

popoganda disguised as news and commentary scripted to influence your attitudes and decisions

whiter whites and fresher breath have replaced the importance of human rights for those out of their sights

war mongers don’t fight for the corporstacracy enforcement brigade is trained to believe in their revisions

war is only inevitable for those who profit from the loss and when faced with loss, the bully fights.

From birth we are groomed in the classrooms and cathedrals to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good

generals are the gofers who give the hard orders and we the people are their cattle-like money slave

servitude never ended in America, it just changed enough to include everyone born in the wrong hood

you’re only rich if you have no debt and can do what you want without worrying about working for wage

short shows with laugh tracks distract and movies paint a future picture of the world they want understood.


Freedom From Money

Equilibrium is a natural state

in the future there will be no money

keeping score happens electronically

when there is profit there is corruption

you can make a difference every Tuesday

every Tuesday is free day where you are

consciousness expands with inspiration

paradigm shifting in the Aethersphere

when peace is profitable war will end

practice the gifting economy now.

Geleogenic Kakistocracy

Society infuses your new plight

root cause community peace activism

eliminates the kakistocracy

remove public corporate advertising

reduce and end commercial exposure

trade food seeds with your favorite people

cosmic decoherance evolves the mind

popularize the congressional vote

politicians are public relations

geleogenic society rules.

Spare Change for Peace

Potatoes and tuna fish for dinner

almost free ramen noodles with an egg

worried about what to eat at month’s end

every moment warped with an empty angst

there should be free food everywhere we are

change for peace and the beggars and hungary

random acts of freedom are what’s needed

the starving have jobs and children as well

pay for peace because war is the easy

put freedom on the menu as anything.

Socially Faded Oasis

He’s always watching from the hill
he’s always out there on a dare
making sure i always softly fell
making sure i never much care
paving my private path to hell.

The walking dead can’t be tortured enough
taken in by a handshake and a grin
complements and accolades are never enough
nothing will ever be the same again
there will never be the end of ever enough.

The hypocritical oasis paves the path very fast
the time has come once again to wear the hood
hot is not what’s on the plate or will ever last
the clock of my time-line is cracked for good
nothing can be done to alter the faded past.

Nothing is as it seems and all lost in pseudo rhyme
nothing is as it was or as there will never be affection
one bad deed deserves one of equal and opposite polarity
life is stranger than any conceived vivid-self deception
digging my own grave one self deception at a time.

Build a plank made of pop cycle sticks and bubble gum
an invited wrath and welcomed long long away after-math
being repeatedly stabbed in the back but not nearly deep enough
the aethersphere is always waiting and full of friendly staff
although myself shines on the outside it’s full of dark stuff.

There is no loathing when it’s backed by a deserved hate
doing the left thing of a least resistant slippery path
fear is the driver to avoid the bitter truth blue platter plate
retrograde ex uses and selectively highlighted past
the chance for redemption was lost long ago to fate.

There is only the waiting to see what happens next
seeing and understanding happens in a welcomed find
progress of an empty fate has always been my vexed
dry by day and night to call me a fool would be kind
the reflection in the mirror is a monster self-hexed.

If i just hold on tight while i become the food
life hasn’t been mine in such a stretch to see
bad guys always hide behind a shield of good
my worst enemy and arch nemesis is b.A.d me
life isn’t real and he as me is now understood.

Flash Mobs for Peace

This is the real thing
this is not a drill
this is the beginning
of the end of the kill.

You are my accomplice
you have been all along
i didn’t know it aether
i was just singing my song.

Here is your chance to brandish your bold
with a secret flash mob schreeking mission
the story will be in the aethersphere and re-told
from the Peace capital of Earth Day here is a Vision.

You’ll be helping to let revolutionary history begin,
with the internet + poetry you =ly contribute your voice
poems of positive protest will be read very loud again
scheek at the public transit station in the city of your choice.

With packs of poets and impassioned true-blood friends
your objective is a display of creative peace activism
you will be transmogrifying what has already begun
words of positive peace and responsible hedonism.

Transubstansiatiate at transit stations with each other
observe silence with wheels approaching and leaving
take this sacred relative time to sense your sister and brother
then there is no train or bus your voice should be schreeking.

Why should you do this ?
why should you care ?
What if i’m usually right ?
and you didn’t take the dare ?

Upon us is the curation of our aetherspheric generation
leading creative activism at the hidden Peace Museum in San Francisco
the door has been wide opened with your voice as my final application
if you schreek loud enough, one day soon we’ll meet at an underground disco.

How is something like reality suspend when most people never knew it existed
this is the place to see the future in action and when you do, you can’t get arrested
It’s the only place on earth you can buy a $ 1,000,000 Latte and get a free lunch too
of your voices will reverberate and transmogrify your own personal aethersphere.

The echo of your howling will lead to a posting with the hidden location
this will be like no place on Earth because reality is suspended upon entering
your ‘likes’ will be forever recorded to say that you helped me name the museum
at the end of each poem schreek as loud as you can “Give us Sunchild and Moonbeam.”

Please choose your most inspirational and revolutionary poet and the honour will be mine if you choose me:


please share veraciously

Eleven If-Why Questions

If public transportation is to help the city citizens get from door to door,
why does it seem the fare is just something else to manage and another tax on the poor?

If ivy league colleges are so smart and really want to teach from the page,
why can’t they open their doors to everyone regardless of income race or age?

If conventional capitalist corporate structure is the superior ism,
why do we slave away for wages when there are plenty of resources hidden?

If a possible chemical imbalance means you are genetically derailed,
why isn’t there a laboratory test and who exactly is holding the scale?

If banks are so good with money and worth all the interest and fees,
why do they have the worst financial problems while forcing us to our knees?

If there is no such thing as psychic mind connection or extra sense ability,
why do you get the feeling who’s calling before you pick up and see?

If the government prints and presses the coin, dollar and the pound,
why are they always complaining they don’t have enough to go around?

If you are old enough to join the military at 18 and die,
why can’t you legally drink a beer until 21 or get high?

If paranoid people are often called irrational and crazy,
why do we usually find out they had every right to be?

If business schools are as brilliant as they say,
why can’t they figure out how to offer a free MBA?

If you are so talented and creatively smart,
why don’t we hook up and make some art?

You’re a Geemosapian Too

Born and wrapped with a brand new false flag
pledge allegiance to a blood red star-filled sky
fables of self sacrifice and an empty nice bag
strings are being pulled to enable others to die
popoganda entertainment is the coefficient of drag.

Killing our bodies with cheap caffeine and nicotine
bloated and dummied down in order to serve till death
alternating our mindwaves with fluoride and aspartame
i am one and you too are a green geemosapian with breath
the elite eat organic only meals and live within a dream.

people who lead the war efforts don’t have to fight
observed reality leads to inferred false information
military volunteer servers are obsessional with fright
there are two types of people in any war formation
collateral damaged goods and losses in the night.

Blind faith in people who are acting like gods instead
positive fallacies lead to surmise illogical in-conclusions
confused with if then probabilities and words left unread
future predicting thoughts and pre-programmed bad decisions
waging a war for your mind and the right to your own head.

If higher education was free who would join the military
if you are poor you’re born to fight the wars of the elite
their purpose for educating servants is to make an employee
you don’t realise it because minimum payments are still a feat
cerebral transubstantiation is the way to be a gmo-revolutionary.


Forward Mass Progress

Ten indicators to determine if you are part of the mass population:

You believe in democrat or republican content

You vote and complain about our pseudo democracy

You believe the war on terror is just as it seems

Your credit rating is very important as well as your net worth

You drink bottled water, eat fast food and believe you’re still smart

You spend more time with t.v. than reading books or creating art

You believe America is the only great country on Earth

You are passionate about professional sports teams

You pay your federal taxes happily and diligently

You have a mortgage, car payments or rent.


Ten ways you can help with the forward progress of human civilization:

Eat organic fruits & veggies and torture free meat

Wear clothing that is label and slave labor free

Get off the power grid and reduce your pollution

Join the Peace Corps instead of the military war corps

Avoid doing business with publicly traded corporate vultures

Turn your businesses into not-for-profit ventures

Turn off your t.v. and walk through the black door

Join a movement and continue the peaceful revolution

Sell all of your stocks and bonds and invest locally

Buy local art when you need to give yourself a treat.

Please re-post at will for those who are seeking ultra social realization:

Mass Maze Games

The masses are asses and duly programmed to run the society maze,
who are the classes who make the rules and why should you even care,
to them you have little more importance than the cattle that they raise,
to feed and fatten you up enough to never question, think or even dare.

All people are programmed in one way or another, most without their knowing,
how is it really effecting you, yours and all the connected family ties,
politicos do nothing more than talk to people and keep them from rioting,
we pledge allegiance to a flag of power, corruption and institutionalized lies.

The rulers of today control the masses just as the ancient Romans did,
distract them with mindless entertainment to maintain their dominion,
give them bloody games and teach them to kill while keeping them fed,
generating little more than empty banter of matters of popular opinion.

Working jobs they don’t like alongside people they can’t really stand,
for companies who don’t care about you or any of your friends,
just to afford payments on houses and cars that impress by ultra brand,
friends who will be gone when your financial good fortune ends.

Indoctrinate them from birth to believe in a pagan god of sacrifice,
giving himself to death for your sins just for when the time is right,
to wage another war with volunteers who are willing to die at least twice,
convinced of a virgin birth and afterlife they are willing to lead the plight.

Politics are a game to keep our people from discovering the ultimate truth,
keep people fighting and arguing amongst themselves while paying all the taxes,
supporting the efforts of waging senseless wars full of bitter rotting vermouth,
beyond the impact of their bottom line without regard for the natural abraxas.

The stock market is a billion dollar shell game with the house the only real winner,
the common people hold the dice and gamble with every option and derivative buy,
the preferred stock holders do all the reaping while the poor have nothing for dinner,
commoners sow with a manufactured crises to reset the game back to zero on the sly.

They determine how the Food and Drugs are Administered with an agency of the same name,
unlike the tyrannies of the past our federal government puts most everything out in the open,
they know as long as the people are fat they will continue to believe they are the same,
by the time they realize what is happening to them it will be too late for any hopin’.

Our federal government oppresses and kills thousands of innocent people hourly,
they can be overthrown tomorrow without spilling a drop of blood with precision,
voting for presidents is like pissing in the oscillating fan of popular society,
you can vote daily with your dollar and turning off their mind control television.

Part Duex

Listen to live reading and interview here


Dance Worship

People aren’t people,
we are numbers instead.
Moving through silence,
always get ahead.

Get up every day,
and ride to the stage.
Take your small pay,
then back to the cage.

I found out,
the not so hard way.
However you do it,
take back your day.

The ride I’m on,
is a one-way trip.
Because rhythm is my god,
and dance is how I worship.