Pathetic Pyrrhic Victories

Aether control guides are coming our way near,
they will tell us everything we need to ever know.
Close your lids then begin to see the end from here,
skip to the good part and start before the end of go.

The heuristic view of the systemic worlds that are mine,
the relativistic gradation it grows between hex and why.
Can’t anybody else see the invisible wall in front of our me,
tell me if fate or whatever is up there wants me to die or fly.

Something good will eventually happen because it usually does spark,
the path that lay before us boarders on the quantum subtlety sublime.
With all of the other destitute souls we dance alone together in the dark,
all mixed around up and down reaching for the stars and not for the shine.

The pre-cognitive programming discards the notion before even looking up and being,
effort gazed upon with a dubious eyes can only see flaws and nothing close to profound.
The world I come from is very different indeed where most of the victories are Pyrrhicly seen,
when we look around us and see what’s going round it’s natural to look for desire to be found

The mind and brain are two sides of the same cloud with words and sounds being the fluff,
identify and captivate is the conventional approach to bring about their desired psychosis.
Anything done well is attributed to the mysterious force called luck and it’s lady like gruff,
blow on my dice now before I toss them in the wind with a wish for a spacial symbiosis.

Reaching and grabbing while feeling ever slightly and kind of sort of pathetic,
with rarely hearing no but excuses and reasons and feel the turn of the head.
All that it takes is a continuations stream of doubt that is slightly relativistic,
to wear down the weakened and make them go away wanting to be dead.

Our fate is controlled by others one way or another from end to end,
odds are against us guessing or figuring out why or when to be bad.
i’m less than nothing and you can’t take that away from me again,
trying to fit where i don’t belong is the only option i’ve ever had.


2 responses to “Pathetic Pyrrhic Victories

  1. I very much like your blog site. It’s going to take a bit to get comfortable with it. Somehow comments feel more relevant here.

    Forget what fate wants, just fly. I think everything real and beautiful is in the flaws just like everything scientifically interesting is in the speckled unpredictability that lies just outside of your expected deviation. That’s where the magic happens. In the wrinkled gray. You don’t have to try to fit. I just want you to be.

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