Scribbled Brain Fodder

To the pretty anonymous femme,
who’s like a tall drink of red water,
Here’s a conspirator with a brain stem,
the proof is in the scribbled fodder.

Your quick wit will be a needed necessity,
my twisted core beyond comprehension.
You will refine how you define tenacity,
when you see what I’ve made with my tension.

The random doubts of course are mine,
uncertainties of yours will always arise.
To twist our strings like leathered twine,
will dissolve the need for insecurity lies.

We’re all true blue way down deep on top,
way out there from wear you know where.
Never retreat because the war won’t stop,
with a little luck we’ll both end up there.

You can’t scare me even one little bit,
the thought brings a giggle microscopic.
You can’t tell me about fear or getting lit,
because I wrote a book about the topic.

When two brains bump grind and collide,
things don’t always or ever add up.
When lips turn and cry instead of lied,
please boil and pour me a soft cup.

There can’t be a only and only one to be,
you’ll be one that will do more than do.
It’s time for you to come over to me,
it’s not going to be me coming for you.

The now yours aether is twisted with mine,
we are here because very crystal clearly.
Together we will as everyone does define,
our own perceptive multi-unification theory.


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