S.C.R.E.A.M. for P.e.a.c.e.

Join Aslan and Jennifer Monday’s at noon in conversation about how Philosophy, Art and Physics commingle to form our individual and collective global consciousness.

Special Guest V. Vale* of RE/Search

 Today’s Topics

Pyramid Power

San Francisco Punk Power

How Punk Rock Changed the World

Surrealism not quite explained

The Power of Poetry

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Were Desperate- X
Punk Rock Girl- Dead Milk Men
Blue Pyramid- Psychic T.V.
Caribou- Pixies
Burning Down the House- Talking Heads
I Love Living in the City– FEAR
Viva Las Vegas- Dead Kennedys
Disorder- Joy Division

*Wiki Page Entry: V. “Valhalla” Vale is a writer, keyboard player and, as Vale Hamanaka, was a member of the initial configuration of Blue Cheer, prior to that band becoming famous as a power trio. He is the publisher and primary contributor to books and magazines published by his company, RE/Search Publications. “Valhalla” Vale…

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