Blissfull Vajayjay Day

The stars seem brighter as you remain unfound
because you have opened my eyes once more
we realized in your absence a beauty once sound
no longer descend past the valentine day door.

cupid was fine when we were a time that myths were the reason
we have a new celebration mostly for her and a little for him
the day is now stolen from a cute baby angel in kissing season
because what is desired at nights end is satiated dripping wet trim.

we believe it’s time to begin a new tradition of sway
paying homage to something adults can adorn and adore
from now on annually in february every girl shares this day
the right to feel, look and act like your form of whore.

there are many lessons to be learned along way to she gleen
tendencies inspire to put the cooter owner up in a pedal tower
envision a cadre of rounded hips with bits and pieces in between
when it comes to being face to face with the ultra pussy power
wherever you go in every spacetime there is cha cha to be seen.

all are unique and some quite exquisite while coming in a wide range
every once in a while you accidentally come across the cunt variety
when the moon is full there’s nothing wrong with a little strange
most of the owners are nice and good and very vital to our society.

some dangle their poon for a nice free dinner out or the vip line
other la-las are used to manipulate love to live the way they might
for some their honey spot is their money pot and for them that’s fine
in the case of wax pain it’s worth our pleasure through the long night
responsible owners take care of their yum yum treasure all the time.

most coochie connoisseurs prefer the absence of all fur reminisces
many like a nice little trim and neatly quaffed but not bare
others like a little beaver power patch of devine deliverance
there are those who love a big furry bush at which to stare.

there are many options and the choice is yours they’re your lips
there are many ways to prepare the infinitely complex Mt. Venus
here are a few friendly tips for your pre-pleasure tune-up trips
from the mound top to the perineum taint just above the anus.

accouterments galore are available everywhere within ink studios
with a few little things made of metal and maybe some real fangs
everyone takes creative requests and good artists are real pros
with ink and piercings for the brave and daring darling gangs.

consider these when you’re planning for a trim for the trout
prepare for the ouch because it’s completely worth the pain
enjoy the waxing pain in case the big night doesn’t work out
nikhedonia can be addickting for both you and him the same.

a ‘landing strip’ on the Mound of Venus liberates the outer labia
the full monty goes deeper and includes a punani triangle-hood-top
the sphinx cleans the beach up and down the whole pelvic box area
stealth mode is a brazilian lady business landing strip-non-stop.

some celebrate the fact that they no longer have one
others that the last is forever gone and hopefully put away
many are blissfully happy with just what they have done
today is the day everyone celebrates Blissfull Vajayjay Day.


My Bloody Valentine

To trust in you was more than I dared,
the lust was over and your novelty gone.
You lied so often I no longer cared,
my need for you diminished to non.

You let me down so many times,
I noticed and began to count,
It was then that I discovered,
you lied in a very large amount.

The temptation was great I must admit,
the thought of hurting just you.
It’s a pain that I somehow liked,
of course I know you did too.

The mirror shows clearly,
the benefits of our death.
I can smile more than yearly,
everyone has good breath.

I never realized how wonderful life was,
until the day you were gone.
When you died my nightmares ended,
I could finally see the beauty of dawn.

The day your grave was filled,
the whole world took sigh.
Your silence a golden field,
everyone wanted you to die.

I visit your grave every Valentin’s day,
to celebrate the day of your murder with glee.
I cut myself and bleed on your tombstone,
so you will always remember that it was me.


Dream Valentine

I need you so bad I’m all empty without you.
I know it’s an impossible dream to do.
The dream makes me feel extraordinarily new.
I don’t think I could handle the real and whole you .

My heart will stop beating,
the moment you touch my hand.
My eyes will start melting,
and blood turn to sand.

You are always so beautiful too,
I still can’t tell how you look when I see.
If I had only one wish I would give it to you,
and pray that you make it for me.

A midnight sound check on your vocal cords from me,
with the rest of your strings to follow,
I’ll tune you up and then turn you on,
pick you up and play you till dawn.

Giving you pleasure is all that I live for,
wherever we’ve finished with one to do.
You’ve got another one coming,
or maybe even three or two.

I don’t care what you think of me,
just treat me like your private whore.
With the bill paid well in advance,
now and forever more.

Whip me, beat me, lick me,
screw me and come all over my snout.
Tell me you love me a thousand times,
pick up your things and then get the fuck out.