Tar Baby Tapping

Tap Tap
I found you!

Looking for Flies
Laughing at the Tap Tap
Your case can be broken!

The sunlight sent inside of life shifts
sending forth tiny sweet blues and bees blooms
the feathers were all but picked down to the roots
Their dried lilac moss drifted through it’s new life

that had gathered looking to steal the tar baby‘s lump of Sun
Skipped silently whistling to the small woodpecker child tap tap tap
As for what was deemed insignificant time and again standing space
it’s head stood bowed open so it could stand beneath in gazed hover falls on

hammer to see what other house joined in and case they hold out at casing.
once upset child sneaked inside stands on crevices tapping out balanced solid mass
that tap tap bird had all but passed out with the soon be covered hollow oasis silly thing!
As a Navel tap tap child that raises it’s head and falls up amongst wonders to tap tap tap fluff

The broken doors had closed out the insects creeping of the cracks who gave shelter to the tar baby blackbird
Surrounded by a strange megalithic softly covered hammer that stands ‘and dusts weathering rainbows at weeds
Intrigued by the somnambulistic echo the grubs skipped forward to become fertile by imaginings nesting unearthed
all ignored remnants forming deep traditional presence which had stood for so long before moving beneath cracks

The hardened tar baby child figure stood by to process a meadow of birds
at the cracked egg shell of life brought to you by the sound shine stood to roost
Decomposed lazy birds singing for occasional visitors they had shat upon
as a ruminating tar baby mists had taken their faeces smells out on the winds

So there came the missing tar baby butterflies
and smashed windows left in concrete waste cased in fluff
The top head case child chicks crying for the crumbles
off to the weeping seasons with giggles in hand

The blackbird flees surprised
Tapping for the tar baby child
Then raised her hammer of haunts
One day as the sun came down

They, however, can never escape themselves…..
You are free now!
Tap tap tap
Tap tap


Transmogrified from a poem by Lucy J. Hughes