Platonic Dimension Domination

Platonic dimensions form true and false perceptions,
of a super-dark and something symmetrical Universe,
throwing caution to the wind and vanishing inclinations,
letting them do their thing from now till the next verse.

Scribing the flow of words that are coming from within,
with the distant dark thoughts of my inner other voice,
it feels so good to finally get them out it must be a sin,
using the double entendre will glow the aether choice.

If there is such a thing as love at the very first sighting,
why doesn’t it happen all the time with everyone you see?
if everyone was in love there would be nothing but fighting,
to my favorites gods i pray that it never happens to me.

Please do me the honor of doing the hard thinking for you,
it’s shouldn’t be that hard because of the ailing,
i am already doing most of the hard work for you too,
and as a reward give me the pain of all of my fault failing,

The pleasant kind of of good fortune rarely swings my way,
when they do they bring along a bag of brand new tragedy,
the shoes in which i’m walking are all tattered and warn away,
show your emotions and a feeding frenzy begins to get steady.

Our senses are grounded in philosophy whether you know it or not,
don’t be the one to undo the fun with all of your lieing about fear,
a single correlation does not define a definitive causation of rot,
your cerebral booze provides no hide space in the aetherssphere.

i love you like a sister and haven’t spoken to mother or brother in years.
miracles don’t know how to find me and i’m not quite sure what they are,
i sometime wish i wasn’t already dead so at least i could enjoy the tears,
exercising raw power against someones will is no way to begin or go far.

Haven’t you ever sensed you were thrown right into,
a ‘can’t do anything right’ column and in the unbelievable,
”there is something wrong with everything you do’ row,
that goes on row after row in bold typed repeatedly.

Because you really enjoy it when you tell me no man,
satiate your primary ego without me and alone at sea,
unless you are invited and know how to do it like a fan,
please cease and desist trying to enjoy dominating me.

my kingdom is crumbling after being burned to a singe,
i am more than damaged and say yes to most everything,
my emotions are warped or gone to the corner to cringe,
thoughts of kissing anyone makes my stomach turn and fling.

Getting back up after a fall without the aid of a hand or flowers,
most everyone around here would rather see me flat on my back,
thermodynamical thought waves bring transition transmission powers,
complex & simple is what i desire & require for the next two- way track.