Volatilizingly Dripping Moon

Frankie feels the impulse to howl like a coyote under the desert moon
spill into me your flavourful madness that begins with a long sip
the whole her is there with much to be discovered too soon
still truckin’ on this long and strange and blissful trip
your drama tastes like blueberry flavoured doom.

Overflow your cup to taste what you can’t see
your good karma has wet my lips for much more
the magnificent moon twice murdered the sun sunny
taste and die a dancing heart behind the dark black door
my dharmic eyes are elevated to see what you too could be.

Covered in good things lips slightly move when they almost sing
take what is given to you and lose a soul to once again save
put them in your pocket with no need for any unlocking
dancing in circles and squares to an aethersphere rave
dreamland will find you when you stop up looking.

Find the one who covers their eyes with the sun
intense roads to the kingdom have been solidly built
the theatre is overflowing and you have choices of none
drizzed in your sweetness i’ll devour you without much guilt
time to stop the show and reveal that your true voice is the one.

Red pens dipping in the mud being depicted only abstractively
writing songs with dripping blood and perfect admiration
volatilizingly this peace child’s compass spins insanely
live a life with the lack of bewitching compensation
how well do you want to be portrayed accurately?