What Stray Disgrace

We’re yearning for some thing and don’t know what,
maybe it’s who that’s coming over like a razor’s cut,
falling down to where it doesn’t mean anything but,
reading with we will make you a fellow thought slut.

it’s now time to be found by day and by night a stray,
when you take off your burning crown kneel and pray,
the apex of desire gloss the faces and take lives away,
fields of raw intentions inducing you to a play and sway.

the noise with your name is filling the air with ambivalence,
singing your sounds with an air of elegance and equivalence,
chocking on your stench send an ambulance for my confidence,
my only offer is a body full of scars and a mind full of abstinence.

i cut myself with a rusting razor when we think of your smiling face,
when your eyes met mine for the first time we finally knew disgrace,
the whole of me you will want too change or simply need too erase,
come with my rhyme and your mind will disappear without a trace.

there’s more than one way to epiphany the proper way to fly,
we will get lost as we find the path with what lay in underly,
if you can’t see I’ll take out and offer my left & right eye,
when we fuse together something will once again die.