A Shadow in Light

Mirror mirror,
on the stall,
will I ever,
stop the fall?

I wish I will,
I dream I might,
Know the deal,
without the fright.

I plead just show me,
the right thing to do.
I need it to end,
running from…with no to.

A ghost with no form,
a shadow in the light.
Standing in your eyes,
alone on the left….and on the right.


Warning Shadows

You waited for me all night,
i was close but never came,
my shadow guides warned me,
you are not yet pleasantly insane.

i stood there watching,
suspicions finally found,
the sun does not rise,
when you are around.

You’ve always let us down,
cruelty delivered with blindness,
upon your decent when you’re all mixed up,
don’t mistaken our hands for kindness.