Freedom From Money

Equilibrium is a natural state

in the future there will be no money

keeping score happens electronically

when there is profit there is corruption

you can make a difference every Tuesday

every Tuesday is free day where you are

consciousness expands with inspiration

paradigm shifting in the Aethersphere

when peace is profitable war will end

practice the gifting economy now.


Free Will Programming

Free will is not a given and for most it is taken at birth
you are only allowed to choose from the items presented
how much time do you spend thinking before you speak
probably not much at all with reality misrepresented

environmental programming occurs on a relative blue Earth
synaptic pathways establish residency with early mirroring
free will is first established with what parents say and tweak
your only choice is a warning to choose your sub-programing

our subconscious is awake while speaking and deciding worth
you are as free as the ruling classes wants your thoughts to be
industry revolutionized what it was that people want to seek
quickly followed by the sprouting of an enlightened era to see.