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Zombies and Society
Spring Equinox
The true meaning of Easter

Bjorn Gay

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Twist- Tones on Tail
Common People- Pulp
Asleep from Day- Chemical Brothers
Saudade- Love and Rockets
Death’s Door- Depeche Mode
Spiritual Cramp- Christian Death
Resurrection, sixths communion- Christian Death
Girlfriend in a ComaThe Smiths
Stop Dead- The Cure
Zombie- Cranberries


The Spoken Body

The body desires
what the spirit seeks
a girl driving blindly
requires flesh imprisoned keeps

You keep debating me
hollow is your tenderness
I pray too the soul’s desires
I dream of your caress

Oh Oh Oh
Please stop I’m here to touch
I need just that one the the
when the waiting requires much

I’m a slave angel
through this just world
at your mercy of an oh
I pray too follow

the body speaks
To the soul’s mind
All else listens
I need what is mine

Oh Oh Oh
I dream For the promise much
I need one of the imprisoned heart
please stop wasting the touch

What keeps your time
the heart will caress
the spirit seeks flesh
I need your tenderness

All else is hollow
the mind speaks what
the body will follow
the body listens when.

Exact remix of ‘When the Body Speaks” by Depeche Mode