Forked Again Decisions

Imagine for a moment you’ve just passed an important  test

now what you are faced with is a series of decisions to make

which paths of the many to take and not be like the lost rest

how to be true to yourself without being forced to play fake

each of all decisions are in part made with a quantum jest.

The arduous journey that lay before us has a fork in the path

the muse offers choices and you’ll have to choose this week

the right is long with some sleep and a narrowly defined path

the left has your favorite treasures waiting atop a steep peak

the middle has a bottomless waterfall just beyond the fog path.

 It’s easy enough to choose the right path and just get by

it seems mysterious to venture into the middle of nowhere

it’s an epic challenge to dare the peak of a mountain high

though you don’t know when or how it will end or be there

it’s a long lovely life when you taste stars and paint the sky.


Standard Absudum Vortex

Thinking out loud in silence with you now
if left alone down the vortex i go
open minded and skeptical we are
do everything alone on the steep edge
looking is a form of quantum changing
aetherspheric synergy increases
when you measure something real it changes
washable experience left to dry
silver cords wrap completely imperfect
standard absudum deviation is Zen.

Cerebral Thermo Dimensional Flow

The dynamic flow of energy has a thermo essence
it is you times the speed of light squared
it happens in distinct states with waters’ presents
liquidity and gassiness are constantly paired

the 5 basic dimensions of our cultural reality
accounts for the uses of the 5 basic senses
the quantum flow of our collective conscious unity
is brought together without needed consensus

the 5 quantum senses detect our other 5 dimensions
there is one sense for each of the spacial equations
where would we be if we all had the same delusions
never any reason for love or special occasions

emotional states can sometimes rapidly change
just like liquid water often does naturally
sometimes we’re cold, still, dark and strange
properly stimulated things get hot and steamy.


by request from Silver Blossom