You’re a Geemosapian Too

Born and wrapped with a brand new false flag
pledge allegiance to a blood red star-filled sky
fables of self sacrifice and an empty nice bag
strings are being pulled to enable others to die
popoganda entertainment is the coefficient of drag.

Killing our bodies with cheap caffeine and nicotine
bloated and dummied down in order to serve till death
alternating our mindwaves with fluoride and aspartame
i am one and you too are a green geemosapian with breath
the elite eat organic only meals and live within a dream.

people who lead the war efforts don’t have to fight
observed reality leads to inferred false information
military volunteer servers are obsessional with fright
there are two types of people in any war formation
collateral damaged goods and losses in the night.

Blind faith in people who are acting like gods instead
positive fallacies lead to surmise illogical in-conclusions
confused with if then probabilities and words left unread
future predicting thoughts and pre-programmed bad decisions
waging a war for your mind and the right to your own head.

If higher education was free who would join the military
if you are poor you’re born to fight the wars of the elite
their purpose for educating servants is to make an employee
you don’t realise it because minimum payments are still a feat
cerebral transubstantiation is the way to be a gmo-revolutionary.