Slaying Emotional Vampires

They are all around us by day and by night,
sucking everyone dry without even trying.
To them they are never wrong and always right,
the rest of us do most of the work and all of the dieing.

They make us think that we feel for them,
all the time taking without giving care.
To them they are the flower and we are the stem,
they sometimes think of kindness but don’t ever dare.

They think we live to make them great,
making us wince and cry all the time.
To get what they want they use lies sex and hate,
behind their flashy smile lay green rotting slime.

They will take your money admiration attention and love,
until all that is left is your body with some blood.
To them we are all below and of course they are above,
when they say they are helping they are full of crud.

Antisocials are addicted to excitement and Histrionics live for attention,
Narcissists believe they are gods gift and are always seeking youth.
Obsessive compulsives seem too good to be true as they often mention,
Paranoids prowl the night seeking their simple one and only truth.

They only need everything whenever they desire,
their power comes from weakness and not strength.
Maintain your self control to connect with something higher,
always have a challenge in front of you for the whole length.
The last thing we need in our lives right now is another emotional vampire.