Mild Economical Horror

They will laugh,
as we knock on their door.
They will laugh,
as we do all the dying at war.

They will laugh,
like there’s nothing to care about,
They will laugh,
because those with cash have clout.

Their grin will turn into a smile,
when the wins become less.
Their laugh with turn to snicker,
with the first sign of distress.

Their wonder will turn to a mild horror,
as their empire evaporates like a tree.
Their pockets will eventually empty themselves,
by the rest of us giving and doing most everything for free.


What would you be willing to do for money ?


Geleogenic Kakistocracy

Society infuses your new plight

root cause community peace activism

eliminates the kakistocracy

remove public corporate advertising

reduce and end commercial exposure

trade food seeds with your favorite people

cosmic decoherance evolves the mind

popularize the congressional vote

politicians are public relations

geleogenic society rules.

Mirror Self Convection

Mirroring all people is what we do

you are what you do see and want to be

smile begets smile frown begets frown

people become what they see on t.v.

pervasive paradigm paralysis

there is only reflection of your self

the deck is stacked against your consciousness

your free will is only partially real

we are attracted to what we want now

aetherspheric cerebral convection.

Behind Proximal Doors

 What would you do different behind closed doors

they are our them and we are their them they

old movies have the answers download now

they are them self who you fear them to be

the veil over your eyes is thick and sweet

if you knew everyone was watching now

what if your everyone isn’t that many

you are never completely all alone

secrets form proximity and all see

society is unbalanced with us.

When Who Looks and Listens Why

Who is in charge and we don’t really know
what do they want and why do they sigh
who is watching us underneath the moonglow
what do they do to get off on their high.

Looking and listening to every click
listening to the looks of white headphones
looking and baiting with the next chick
listening to the looks of silent stones.

When will it stop, slow or ever begin to end
why do they look so intently and stare
when will they stop coming round the bend
why do they show up most everywhere?

Gasoline Shower

I would gladly give my life,
to rid you from this world.
The lines will become straight,
and circles will become curled.

Heaven doesn’t want you,
and hell is why you’re running.
Angels cry when they hear your voice,
and the devils think you’re stunning.

I don’t know what you are,
I no longer even dare to care.
Shower yourself with this gasoline,
and wait right here for the flare.


Consciousnesses, Narcissism and Passive-Aggressive Behavior

We’ve all experienced passive-aggressive behavior in one form or another, either on the giving or receiving end.  Teasing a sibling, a joke at a friends expense or telling a half-truth to a parent.  It can show itself at anytime and anyplace where there are two or more egos at work. In small doses it can be annoying and sometimes funny. When exercised by the ego driven narcissist, it can lead to psychological torture, personal tragedy and even fatality.

While differing with outright aggressive and combative behavior, the passive aggressor results to obstructionist activity and psychic resistance to following through on expectations and obligations at the expense of another, or others.  Their actions are marked by a permeating pattern of negative attitudes and passivity, unwarranted criticism, usually unacknowledged resistance toward positive progress in interpersonal or occupational situations and relationships. Although it can be exerted by strangers, it is more commonly observable with friends, family and colleagues.

Passive-aggressive behavior can manifest itself consciously and subconsciously as active or imagined helplessness, procrastination, unyielding obstinacy, personal resentment and deliberate-repeated failure to accomplish agreed upon tasks and objectives for which they have accepted responsibility; all veiled in the appearance of friendship, love and camaraderie. Emanating from the primary instinct to survive, the passive-aggressive narcissist crosses the line of disorder by quietly deriving emotional pleasure with the observance of the negative and frustrating effects of their actions and non-actions. Being nice and mean at the same time, is their emotional addiction.

Imagine for a moment you are paddling a canoe forward towards a goal and there are others paddling with you. While you have trusting people at your back offering positive reinforcement and actions by paddling with you, even when you are not looking, the passive aggressors sit toward the back and only paddle when you take the time to turn around and interact with them. When your attention is diverted, they stop paddling, or worse, put their oars in the water to slow the trip down or change direction.


We are our ego, and narcissistic tendencies are drivers to live and survive. As our birth yields the beginning of conflict and satisfaction, the unfolding of our psychic development is accomplished with a Universal structure of unconsciousness, as language and images. The formative and deformative power of narcissistic tendency development begin with the family, and how the complexes manifest. The seeds of aggression and passive-aggression are planted here.

Below are examples of three basic complexes as set forth in Lacan‘s “Les Complexes Familiaux”.

  • Weaning:  primordial relationship with mother
  • Intrusion:  relationship with siblings, rivalry-jealousy
  • Oedipus :  love for one parent and rivalry with the other


Narcissism, at its core, is libidinal in nature. While all living species have the natural instinct to survive, primary narcissism, it is the secondary narcissism that makes us unique in our psychic development, therefore human.  Phenomenologically, much of our psychic activity is unconscious and subject to pre-depositional bias, environmental and cultural influences.  While it is impossible to reduce consciousness and primary ego identification, the subconscious is continuously influenced by desire and culturally relativistic experiences.  Instincts are driven and are in direct relationship to the (objects) of the desire and the unconscious nature of libido.

While well adapted and psychically developed humans  experience various forms of love and relationships, the narcissistic passive-aggressor is subjugated to observance. They never achieve emotional fulfillment or relational bliss because their basic nature is to harm those around them, either directly (consciously) or indirectly (subconsciously). They are emotional leeches.


Images  cannot exist independently from the subject, therefore every subject, thought or concept, is somehow connected either directly with the conscious or indirectly with the subconsciousness.

Invisable Happy Emotions

You are now gone and not because of death,
once again i feel close to complete.
You left me with nothing but my last breath,
and the empty feeling of deplete.

The day has finally come to linger,
you are no longer part of my existing life.
When I think of you now i’ll only remember,
the sickness and lonely, constant strife.

i should have known it was doomed to land,
when the desire too have you was gone.
You only wanted a golden stage upon to stand,
and my shoulders to place it square upon.

With you by my side I had never been so alone,
all of the way to the terrible very ends.
I’ve forgotten how to laugh, the feeling of stone,
to belong somewhere, anywhere, with good friends.

My emotions are mostly invisible now or in the rear,
i can no longer imagine happiness as a station.
What i received in return was loss of everything dear,
a world alone with a very big bad reputation.

You will not be remembered as an ex-flame,
or the hand for which i was the glove.
You were just an artist i once tried to help,
and the whore i twice tried to love.


Gold : Oil : Drugs

Change is the cry they always use,
to get themselves elected.
They make us think that we need them,
because the country’s infected.

The people in charge have everyone fooled,
into believing that they are free.
But nothing could be more untrue,
if you look you too will see.

They sell us security and false hope,
but are really just liars and thugs.
All in the name of what they really want,
Gold, Oil and control of all the Drugs.



Slaying Emotional Vampires

They are all around us by day and by night,
sucking everyone dry without even trying.
To them they are never wrong and always right,
the rest of us do most of the work and all of the dieing.

They make us think that we feel for them,
all the time taking without giving care.
To them they are the flower and we are the stem,
they sometimes think of kindness but don’t ever dare.

They think we live to make them great,
making us wince and cry all the time.
To get what they want they use lies sex and hate,
behind their flashy smile lay green rotting slime.

They will take your money admiration attention and love,
until all that is left is your body with some blood.
To them we are all below and of course they are above,
when they say they are helping they are full of crud.

Antisocials are addicted to excitement and Histrionics live for attention,
Narcissists believe they are gods gift and are always seeking youth.
Obsessive compulsives seem too good to be true as they often mention,
Paranoids prowl the night seeking their simple one and only truth.

They only need everything whenever they desire,
their power comes from weakness and not strength.
Maintain your self control to connect with something higher,
always have a challenge in front of you for the whole length.
The last thing we need in our lives right now is another emotional vampire.