Pseudonystic Symbiotic Thought Scrubbing

Mona was born with a pencil in her hand,
she wants and works to keep it that way,
a character who is thought-out is not born,
writing and drawing since that lucky day.

Thoughtful scrubbing of the inside and out,
trying to escape from within “she’s so heavy”,
broken girl-not-girly nails did zero out flat´╗┐,
wisely mis-behaved woman make history.

Her blank sheet of paper is quickly filling up,
thoughtfully displayed for all to read and aspire,
concentrating on literature and creative writing,
painting leads the way with a knowledge of pire.

Fellows and fellowships lay at your feet at will,
published & exhibited with nice places of variety,
speaking of novels as a krakow based cowgirl,
welcome to the world of the dead poets society.

Pseudonystic romance into every rainy life must fall,
orange lollipops yell wow after just 6 new licks,
10-10-10 won’t be seen by us again if ever at all,
someday we will festivate today just for kicks.

Trois Sublime Gazes

The deadly ready silence of a threesome state
sitting at the table with two in a dampening seat
plop down and play with red edibles on the plate
minds dance to the sound of squishy red wet meat
waiting for someone to try and go for check mate

looks can curb anything that might need to be said at all
with nothing left to say the time to talk is gone to stay
replace nerves with a tension that glitters like a disco ball
hands brush and pulses rush knowing today is the day
clouds clearing up the moods just for us like the dew fall

jump and pour some in the glasses and set it on the table top
staring past the lean look to avoid a gaze of the enticing kind
she looks with her and sees desire in the eyes that can’t stop
when it’s right it only takes one look with openness of the mind
guessing is over and the story’s happening in a seductive plot

avoid the eyes to keep safe the surprise with searing chances
what happens now depends on casting of the suggestive gaze
across the table the phase begins with primping and prances
finished with their feed they lick through their strawberry haze
two tigresses uncaged with a lion purring with heated glances

candy dipped remembrances of a winking secret bedroom gesture
eyes meet as red lips rim the tender fruit of thinking the same how
shaking thoughts are asking if there is anything else left to measure
like those sweet berries it is time to pick up and taste them right now
thrills run through greedily sucking eyes and swallows with a murmur

the sugar bowl is now empty and the energy has been consumed
tongues begin to lick and flick off the watching and looking away
the ease of the mouth to lead astray the eyes is easily presumed
staring back at me with ecstatic shocks of ecstasy those eyes say
hands clench and glands quench as an ineluctable desire is loomed

the seductive spell has been cast and it is broken within framed time
sensation races across three flush faces and flesh from itchy fingertips
chomping on the fleshly fruit they move their hairs right next to mine
hollowing throats with waggling fingers outline our synchronized hips
pressing mounds of sex throw senses into an overload of the sublime.


Transmogrified from a story by Mona Arizona