Instamatic Melodramatica

Instamatic melodramatica

untrusted fear as a control factor

plausible scenarios come to life

consciousness evolutionary think

missing link of a long thick crumbling chain

let go the black and embrace the dark blue

unrequited love-like affectionate

quantifiable magnetic field aura

full holographic representation

duel transubstantiationalize.


My Bloody Valentine

To trust in you was more than I dared,
the lust was over and your novelty gone.
You lied so often I no longer cared,
my need for you diminished to non.

You let me down so many times,
I noticed and began to count,
It was then that I discovered,
you lied in a very large amount.

The temptation was great I must admit,
the thought of hurting just you.
It’s a pain that I somehow liked,
of course I know you did too.

The mirror shows clearly,
the benefits of our death.
I can smile more than yearly,
everyone has good breath.

I never realized how wonderful life was,
until the day you were gone.
When you died my nightmares ended,
I could finally see the beauty of dawn.

The day your grave was filled,
the whole world took sigh.
Your silence a golden field,
everyone wanted you to die.

I visit your grave every Valentin’s day,
to celebrate the day of your murder with glee.
I cut myself and bleed on your tombstone,
so you will always remember that it was me.