Mating with Shadows

Yearning for shadows,
to kiss and to mate with.
When it’s for real,
is like climbing a steep cliff.

Dim down the lights,
climb into my bed.
I know you want to,
it’s okay go ahead.

When you wake up,
I won’t be there.
Look in my closet,
for something to wear.

Then I get back,
it’s back to the sack.
Just one more night,
unless you put up a fight.

A Shadow in Light

Mirror mirror,
on the stall,
will I ever,
stop the fall?

I wish I will,
I dream I might,
Know the deal,
without the fright.

I plead just show me,
the right thing to do.
I need it to end,
running from…with no to.

A ghost with no form,
a shadow in the light.
Standing in your eyes,
alone on the left….and on the right.

Shadow Master

i am always your other,
without even a thought.
To dance with your shadow,
is to die and not rot.

My open eyes,
will always be broken.
Into your arms,
another has spoken.

It only makes sense,
to your broken mirror.
Nothing is enough,
to make me feel dearer.

The journey is long,
and full of disaster.
You need to serve well,
before becoming the master.