i Know Not

i know it’s my fault
i know this by now
i know you meant it all
i know you know how.

i know your heart has no heat
i know i can’t be sure of mine
i know you laughed at my demise
i know you hope there’s no lifeline.

i know that you enjoyed yourself
i know that it’s now my turn
i know you’re still watching
i know you’re fearful that you’ll burn.

i know it’s not your fault
i know it hardly never ever is
i know your blood is laced with salt
i know you never ask why not.


My Bloody Valentine

To trust in you was more than I dared,
the lust was over and your novelty gone.
You lied so often I no longer cared,
my need for you diminished to non.

You let me down so many times,
I noticed and began to count,
It was then that I discovered,
you lied in a very large amount.

The temptation was great I must admit,
the thought of hurting just you.
It’s a pain that I somehow liked,
of course I know you did too.

The mirror shows clearly,
the benefits of our death.
I can smile more than yearly,
everyone has good breath.

I never realized how wonderful life was,
until the day you were gone.
When you died my nightmares ended,
I could finally see the beauty of dawn.

The day your grave was filled,
the whole world took sigh.
Your silence a golden field,
everyone wanted you to die.

I visit your grave every Valentin’s day,
to celebrate the day of your murder with glee.
I cut myself and bleed on your tombstone,
so you will always remember that it was me.


Weighted Nightmare Needs

I never liked kissing you,
it’s really not your fault.
My wallet is now empty,
locked away in a vault.

To think i ever loved you,
is very laughable now.
Please stay far far away,
my life is once again wow.

It once was a dream,
then you appeared.
A nightmare ensued,
just as you feared.

Now i am alone again,
just as it should be.
No weights of your need,
i can once again see.


It Depend$

i am no longer an option,
for you to fall back on.
The empty you now feel inside,
is the part of me that’s gone.

i felt so alone,
with you by my side.
It was as if,
i had run and hide.

You never loved me,
i could tell from your friends.
If ever asked what they thought of me,
they would only answer ‘It depends $$’.

You picked up your things,
and sold what was mine.
i gave you everything I had,
received little in return but time.

Please don’t remember me,
or the things I’ve done for you.
Oh wait, you can’t do that,
everything you did I did for you too.

i am so much more happy,
without you in my life.
Your unrealistic high expectations,
are no longer part of my strife.

If i gave you the entire Ocean floor,
you would also want the pump.
Oh wait, i did do that and was right once more.
i used to think you were only a cunt,
now I can add fucking whore.

Warning Shadows

You waited for me all night,
i was close but never came,
my shadow guides warned me,
you are not yet pleasantly insane.

i stood there watching,
suspicions finally found,
the sun does not rise,
when you are around.

You’ve always let us down,
cruelty delivered with blindness,
upon your decent when you’re all mixed up,
don’t mistaken our hands for kindness.


Lost at Hello

You lost me with your smile at hello,
please turn around & say good bye,
if you stay or do anything but go,
everyone will probably die or cry.

You are nothing but blank spaces,
full of confoundedly bleek mystery,
you have triple dimpled smiling faces,
with your presence bringing misery.

When you’re here we all yawn,
everyone made that choice,
it’s only when you’re gone,
can humanity truly rejoice. 

Policy of Lies

If you were lost,
no one would care.
You may as well strip,
and shave off your hair.

our policy of lies,
doesn’t work here.
You don’t have to try it,
there’s nothing left to fear.

we want to slow and show you,
something we’ve had our my mind.
We’re going on a short trip,
the one-way kind.

Invisable Happy Emotions

You are now gone and not because of death,
once again i feel close to complete.
You left me with nothing but my last breath,
and the empty feeling of deplete.

The day has finally come to linger,
you are no longer part of my existing life.
When I think of you now i’ll only remember,
the sickness and lonely, constant strife.

i should have known it was doomed to land,
when the desire too have you was gone.
You only wanted a golden stage upon to stand,
and my shoulders to place it square upon.

With you by my side I had never been so alone,
all of the way to the terrible very ends.
I’ve forgotten how to laugh, the feeling of stone,
to belong somewhere, anywhere, with good friends.

My emotions are mostly invisible now or in the rear,
i can no longer imagine happiness as a station.
What i received in return was loss of everything dear,
a world alone with a very big bad reputation.

You will not be remembered as an ex-flame,
or the hand for which i was the glove.
You were just an artist i once tried to help,
and the whore i twice tried to love.