Real Fresh Jouissance

The community formed anxiously with a seminar the day Lacan went away,
A formation around a semi round table with psychoanalytic mind play.
A hierarchical unconscious formation of individual energy spheres,
20 years in the making and what’s gone now are most fears.

Freud’s Die Traumdeutung led to Dali’s Rotton Donky,
which gave way to Lacan’s non-imaginary lunati.
Objects have relations to art with technology,
Mirror stage delusions of a mothers decree.

Unconsciously structured like original signifier,
crossing into syntom of an unstructured desire.
Know the treasure of language letting go the drives,
turbulent anxiety offer the body real symptoms with lives.

There is no limit to what the dimensions bring routinely,
sex death and the body we want to more than see.
So what we are all dying at least more than once,
don’t forget the Real fresh surplus-jouissance.