Masked Poking

I need another poke,
just one more will do.
After you give it to me,
I’ll need another two.

Poking is so much fun,
or so that’s what I hear.
The toughest part is poking,
without feeling with fear.

Anyone can do a poke,
but to do it well is an art.
It’s usually better for me,
if who I’m poking is smart.

Poking a friend is disastrous,
a stranger is sometimes intriguing.
You should poke at least twice daily,
more that that can be fatiguing.

Poking is more enjoyable,
when more than one takes place.
iwant to poke you whenever,
isee or think of your face.

If you’ve never been poked,
all you need to do is to ask.
The first poke is the hardest,
i suggest wearing a mask.