Running Fire Water

Mara is da girl dat is soon gonna be very merry
a self-proclaimed dork who doesn’t play kid games
and doesn’t take crap from anyone ordinarily
a happy drama free life to her from me i proclaim
they nay say while i’ll love her till death you’ll see.

She’s going to school and doin’ it the right hard way
her trusted friends tell her she can be kind of a bitch
going to seek scholastic identity to do what she’ll say
getting maddened up she’s my favourite sexy goth witch
my unique ability to love is hers every night and day.

She’s like running fire and i’m like water flickering
sometimes she burns me up and others i dowse her out
when the mixtures are right we atomize something amazing
she a best friend and with me will never do without
there’s nothing normal bout how we’re relating.

Zerabella’s Mind Umbrella

Zerabella is compulsively-verbal and a language-obsessed half-breed
her empath-half knows what you’re thinking and the nerd-half knows why
animals & people she loves get songs written about them with need
she likes to go brainy deep and also at special times gets a little high

something less than conventional and addicted to the ‘punctuation’ prosaic
the duality of our Universe is revealed to us in shades of soft gray things
composing pieces of life-together into one beautifully-strange thing mosaic
a dark gothic intense sort of vibe gives power to her voice and plucking of strings

Introverted at times and currently transitioning with play and distractions of hope too much
iNtutivly sharing laughter balanced by some egocentricless altruistic conversation with you
Feeling a relative true love with compassion and laughter with genuine kindness to the ouch
Judging-not beauty & meaning but finding small things and sweating them sometimes too

compassion as a first response when others might feel fear is something she holds dear
a freelance communicator in transformation who is seeking a musical community insight
with some time on her hands for the very first time in almost a year with a bit of ver-clear
shyness & warmth get the balance right with a flowing black mane to catch the moonlight

from time-to-time to taste something sweet for this former mind student is partial bliss
feeling a little more connected to the aether is what she desires of the mind-umbrella
just don’t ask me why anyone would want to write in poetry about the things we will miss
sharpening points about humor galore to deep murder ballads and a strangelove from Zerabella.