Unusual Spontaneous Juxtaposition

A four way cerebral bonding occurred on a saturday night of transmogrification
meltingly savory pizza with exotic fruits induces the salivating senses
while comparing apples to apples with words of unusual spontaneous juxtaposition
something else pleasantly present for the rest of the subsenses
below is the poetic interpretation of words we choose to please our subassociation

our shallow bank accounts avoid touchy feely musicals
milti-dimensional Stonehenge led us to all natural big macks
the industrious leafblowers of fabulous London tunnels
are cleaning bathrooms & washing porsche boxter tracks
annoying recreational vehicles squash chickens as normals

pray for a courageous spontaneous combustion of pathetic sports channels
silly french wines drank by temperament feminists lead to the bellows
the glitzy backstreet boys in sync like a magical puff daddy with fellows
lovable south park does the mischievous michael jordan with medals
technological pigeons are looking for jobs like delicious toasted marshmellows

eat cosmopolitan airline food and then auction off their body as smitten
your playful hair is flying like flowing senseless broken monkey rivers
working hard to get new shoes and avoid seeing unhealthy t.v. as written
it’s rough to have aids but there are still kaleidoscopic colorful slivers
elitist ozone layers of gloriously raw steak & potatoes au gratin

the arrogant gulf war was a result of the snappy 1970’s twinkle
useless as romeo and jullete and appetizing as the scene of a crime
sweet mesquites and refined chimpanzees are profound like bull winkle
melodramatic fire fighters are insulting hillary rodem clinton and it’s about time
filthy morticians touched me again on my first day at the new social school

the meek rush limbaugh is nothing compared to the grace of Frank Loyd Wright
our unforgettable Ocean reflects the cosmic rays of our shared systemic Saturn
my healthy 16th birthday included a comfortable Count Drackula without the fright
stunningly wet water falls are as flirtatious as the stungun of an aethersphere modern
augment a yearning love life with someone wild like Joan of Arc on extacy at night´╗┐.