Perifial Perceptive Existence

Urban cloud chasers chasing and climbing their transparent relative reality
people pay more attention to the lives of they on t.v. than those they hate
men are programmed to use women for sex and like whores they utilise men for money
worshiping a god of impoverished sacrifice and subconsciously striving to emulate
blatantly avoid the truth so they can keep blindly living your facebook fantasy
the pseudo-profundity of a mass produced artificial emotion of substantial equivalence
biomorphic geemosapian clones among us that are programmed with news not really
always hedging their bets with the continuous next bigger better deal first date
like wanting to get rid of your elbow but needing to keep the hand to be wavy
relinquishing the future by caring more about what they wear and how they rate
the old regime is morphing into a new world order of aetherspehreical mind gravy.

Well dressed and battered and have forgotten how to kiss a her
ostracised forcibly from the reality of those around the aether
there’s not many around to party with or who doesn’t want me dead
where did all the people go in which to speak with intelligently
afraid that what might be said may hurt their agenda that’s hidden
everyone is watching and those who are close by keep a safe distance
unfinished business everywhere and there is little positive motivation
when analysed objectively i only exist partially and a bit peripherally
this is my trauma working itself out from within inside your unhead
conceive and produce disingenuous information in one form or another
please be a placebo for my malady and i’ll be your emotional blender.

Some people are nice and others fucking suck so which one do you often resist
either way everyone is standoffish once they get close enough to a real being
two more people are needed just to make one and once again begin to really exist
listen intently until understand something you can be verbally be disagreeing
invite them to parties at the last minute to tell yourself you tried and persist
avoid at all costs being introduced with reluctance and something of condesendance
when what you read before you walks into a room everyone suddenly has another list
responding to everything before thinking brings a high level of mis-comprehending
from the imponderable to the irrational cries of urgency are now met with a fist
is everyone else being mostly wrong all the time even when they are logicalizing
which romantic tragedy are you making yourself a part of now that you must enlist.

Do you:
see morphic fields of emotional echoes in an atmosphere of uncertain transubstantiation
tell others only part of the story and leave the secret part you planned yourself out
often verbally cut with snide remarks and retreat from what was once was common ground
make people ask for the same thing over and over again and again and again all day
like to see pleading for something decided is theirs anyway just to enjoy seeing them beg
point out everything that is wrong and never seem to get around to the right desire

Would you:
take a burn victim to the beach on a hot sunny day one day after the gasoline fire
ask a rape victim out on a date with the blood and cum still dripping down her leg
go fishing with friend and when they are not looking make all the fishes swim away
negatively say no to everything first and then mindlessly ponderously loudly expound
condescend to people even though you haven’t even a clue or any real emotional clout
go spiral gliding with me into the vortex of a creatively repriseful tribulation.

i practice writing backwards with my left hand and regularly with the right
i never speak to strangers until spoken to first and never in the night
i rarely smile and when it happens they are forced and fleeting from sight
i am not living and superficially died although sometimes wonder if i might
i don’t like big crowds unless there is loud music, cleavage and strobes of light
i know you’re temporary and that’s why my senses are saying to offer little resistance
i will never love again because the capacity to do so have long since perished
i never know who to trust so i trust no one and that seems to be generally cherished
i will not pursue you in any form and most likely will run away and try to perish
i want my brain to to turn off or explode but she always seems to try being bearish
i am not comfortable being one-on-one or in small or large groups of the garish.

Negative bias infects all forms of communication and it’s easy to detect
giving preformed opinions about life before knowing the full complete story
nobody now knows each other any more and not many really want the neglect
everything has to be done slightly different than what works orginoptimally
thousands of connections and 1 friend at a time while searching for respect
only attend parties that are full of dark strangers offering passive resistance
lost experiences that never happened and nobody to share with the glory
any time i do anything with anyone it always has to be done by their way
it’s not much fun doing everything with ghosts who never get tired of gory
a leader forced to follow people always hedging their bets on yesterday
where can i find anyone who wants to play and take a cerebral inventory.

Please stop asking me how i’m doing today because the answer is always the same
when they ask you’ll be tempted to tell them the truth that makes them go away
the kindness of strange is just about the only kind of kindness that ever came
they like to see me climb just so they can enjoy helping me fall day after day
you can count on me to let your false expectations down with only you to blame
fun would be nice if you can get it but settle for the absence of pain resistance
returning home from a trip and nobody realises that you’ve returned or were away
drop in long enough to find out what going on and make sure it does just the same
subconsciously incapable of trusting anyone including those who deserve to stay
don’t tell me things will be okay because that was heard flushed down the drain
eating raw garlic one clove at a time and warping reality with the defame game.

Hurry up and wait while being precisely criticised but never thoroughly analysed
you think you are in control but are really not aware of how you actually survive
the odds are against us and the deck is stacked by a pretend friend who’s demised
they who were invited to the table changed the game is now staring at your back
life has been passing by while sitting somewhere quietly and sort writing about it
hugging is like holding a stripped naked tree full of dreams about bark subsistence
not being there when you are needed and instead being a passive aggressive placebo
can you spew any more jingoistic blathering or simply another kind of sweet bullshit
all habits are emotionally driven and programmed by our experiential environments
it would be nice to die in someone’s arms someday and hopefully it’s with a friend
love is something we lose and once trust is lost it is lost forever down the grinder

my dreams become nightmares whey they begin to include anything resembling her
the cobwebs of my mind are laced with poison memories she left behind to send
your experiential trauma doesn’t fit very well with mine and my experiments
the forgiveness you are seeking can only be fulfilled with a justice permit
stand there and wave and give bad advice and never get involved or get past go
making something out of what is not by creating moments of cognitive dissonance
things in equilibrium are the most efficient with unnecessary tweaks are aborted
being single and alone is something that has already been accepted as a fact
not part of any group or family or friends or tribe that’s living or organised
open the doors of perceptive pleasure centres and let the reprogramming revive
strong memories are fake or painful and you wonder why we’re all anti-socialised.

For me writing a poem is like singing a song and once it’s fully written it’s sung
moments of cerebral drifting crash like a wave of hand scribing upon a moleskin sheet
running red ink across the paper mostly with my left hand and sometimes with the wrong
waking up and once again fooling myself into a dream state of wakeful partial sleep
they work for most everyone obviously but were meant for someone like me only strong
it’s easy to find a way to explain away that which you don’t want to believe with insistence
my writing is not meant to be perfectly crafted clusters of a representative memory
when i read words of hope and inspiration i can’t help but grin and nod horizontally
minds extend beyond brains and in a collective in which we are all plugged into partially
chance combined with coincidence fuels the free ride of deference and selective memory
consciousness emanates in an aethersphere of perceptual dimensions and we are # 13.



Ten Masked Mused Juxtopositions

The only directions from where i kneel are up or through the wall with nothing beyond
of course i am a lover who can’t put up a fight or say no to a smiling face with a gleen
if they do not care enough to ask intelligent questions then they just don’t care enough
where is the missing muse with her mysterious secret of inspiration and insight to the show
secrets get wet when i tell them to you in a city full of faces with the truth hidden within pyre
there are so few of you around the nights are filled with vapidly made up objects of our desire
yearning for us to charge their aether-glow you are what we are seeking and don’t yet know
please stop doing the things to me that i don’t like or ask for or know why you like the stuff
i am not what you would like me to be and the closer i get the more you become mean
throwing caution to the wind and letting the universe do their thing and then abscond

if my body had a mark or scar for each of your lies i would would be completely unrecognizable
at the end of the night when the party is over there is nobody there that really matters
who wants to share both or either of the agony of victory and or triumph in defeat
unwelcome unwelcomed and frowned upon wherever my presents takes me
i don’t go to very many places and when i do it’s almost always to be alone
everyone loves the party at the cool place with free wine and provolone
rarely do i hear what we are doing next and what’s my part going to be
very little positivity flows my way unless it’s wrapped with a complement in retreat
i do not exist to help you get what you think you want out of life and leave me in tatters
horribly bleek sounds so pleasant to and it seems that me and nothing are indistinguishable 

writing the words that come from within the thoughts of my significant inner other door
the pleasant kind of insane is a true reality that can only be found after being lost in bed
one should understand and practice the laws of reason without the situational paralysis
any excuse or reason will be used to avoid thinking the essential question that is never asked
i’d discovered something close to being like love when you entered my comfortable existence
what it really was was something closer to wretched hatred wrapped in cognitive resistance
all of my good fortune comes with a fresh batch of warm tragedy and someone masked
i would rather be hated by everyone alive and dead than be loved by you is my analysis
i hate you now more than before and i sometimes wish just for you i wasn’t already dead
your inhuman soul swirls in pools reeking untruth that let you live as an emotion whore

even though there are many who know my true life identity and somewhat who i was
the static is never there that wants to know what or who is behind my bookshelves
the strings attache to your thoughtful emotions were plucked a long time ago
the stigmata you leave behind with each and every of our once kind ex-resistance
every equal and opposite reaction goes with each existence and re-existence
the dead end current of our aetherspehre flow reaches the dark un-subtrance
the danger to the pop-culture conscious nightmare is the sound of no aetherflow
the damned can’t make the pain stop even when we’re inflicting it on ourselves
every miracle that happens we receive the equally opposite reaction just because

uncommon juxtapositions of inquisitive questioning and logical emotional reasoning
experience the real with digital media and the newly perceived priori web of bright clear
responses and creative thinking are the mechanical flows of your mindful thought processes
those have my favor who come with no mind games and their laughter doesn’t make me cringe
everything i want i know i can’t have so why dare to hope or even give it a little more trying
i give and give and give and receive little more than scraps and sometimes something to singe
the expectation of good and happy have all but disappeared along with emotional regresses
they’ve been replaced with the harshest reality filled with avoidance that comes with fear
unpostive predipositional bias is turning neutral and followed by negative and damaging

please don’t drop your hanky with me because i’ll never bend over willingly but you can trick me
they never want to know each other and are content with one more trip through my pants
happiness doesn’t come in a pill though sometimes is sure feels that groovy way too
the uninquisitive mind will tell you what you need to wake up every day and go
our five basic senses are just the beginning of your total perceptive abilities
beware of the most dangerous drug of all as the little red love pill from enemies
one needs to first understand and then learn how to develop and optimize the flow
easier fun and faster freedom does not come naturally as you think free-will will do
Plato’s forms of super dark symmetry over deceptions of dimensional possibilities of Kant’s
once you combine them in a correlative visualization with the five branches of philosophy

Shinto’s believe that a he at 42 and she at 33 should be in contact with a knightly adviser
if indeed energy can not be created but only transformed and hopefully transmogrified
energy flow is my specialty in both formal and informal applications in all types of offices
then how is it possible that everything is not always regenerated and reincarnated ?
the pathologically clinical tend to seperate the mind-body-thought-emotion connection
reason can be used to justify untruth just as a truth can be assigned to any reason
then could it be that god is that which is not able to regenerate or be reincarnated ?
the body is not a closed looped system while neither is the mind and both have wet orifices
when you have an internal conversation to a question with whom are you trying to decide
quality relationships work because the totality of inductive reasoning is trying to be wiser 

when you blend the five basic senses of sight-touch-sound-taste-smell it’s called synestesia
the ability manipulate your free will is relative to media programs and the real microscopic
one of the most intimate things people can do is enjoy writing rhyming poetry together
the science of logical entropy flow from the aethersphere through your undervest
a single correlation does not cause causation to cut the dominate paradigm old
people are quarks and so are colors each of them composed with an r-g-b code
i may invite you into my bed but that is just the physical part of the whole aethertest
the intimate play becomes reality when you’re welcomed to stay in the head of my other
to hold a valid opinion one has to cite 10 positive and objective observations about the topic
i love it when you cry for the right reasons and the tears are made by writing with dacraphilia

reason and excuses are simple to conjure and any which one will work and they’re all a cliche’
whoring or working hard is not the best answer but you only learned one of the two
tragic and triumph are always mixed together in the same cup when you are serving
since you everyone can not see me except for the big losses and constant downers
since you starved me until offering a delivery as the only thing on my cracked plate
since you i’ve not been a part of a group that had anything to do but laugh at hate
since you bring me into your world with the nurturing hands then change the offers
when i say yes and then take a seat i am delivered more of the same and agonizing
in my book of dreams the chapter of agonizing nightmares is all about those like you
please don’t ask me to go on your trip just so you have something to torture along the way

dueling in the dark with shadows and the empty differences surfacing every time
saying i’m sorry doesn’t help or tun back the clock even though that’s your only trick
rushing to judgment creates mindbody stress and the world is full of gleening manipulaors
constantly changing positions and decisions that increases relational stress and all tension
broken severely inside and out we are ending with everything tattered repaired and well worn
the whisping actions in my stream come with a dose of passionate passive aggressions to adorn
we pitched in and created for you a casket of cardboard taped together with your pretension
please go dig your grave and there is a legion of fallen angels waiting to stop and be violators
the unsettling feeling you get with me around is your senses sensing the walking dead prick
moments are dismal seconds agonizing hours and terrifying days are treacherously fine.