Chaos Transrapid Thermoglyding

Chaos and consciousness go hand in unhand,
what’s the matter are you afraid of foreign truth?
There is nothing open that is left to not understand,
do you knot think when there is something to sleuth?

There is no honor when you can fib away like a manwhore,
hi nice to meet you now give them what i’ve got and now go away.
Be nice just long enough just to get what they need and hopefully more,
superficial is superficial does shaking their heads no while doing it my way.

Thermogliding the aethersphere with little interest in the world as it is a bore,
everyone has a skewed and curved perspective like everything in the Multiverse.
I could be wrong but i’m starting to feel like nothing more than a little friend whore.
excuse without reason is like fall without season in the mirror is where you rehearse.

The misery you imagined experienced by others can not be compared to your pseudo reality.
why the feelings we always suspect and rarely ever beyond their empty viciousness brotherhood.
What’s not displayed by words thoughts and opinions show up with inaction and always subtlety,
E equals m c squared becomes beautiful indeed getting close to being self-sub consciously understood.

The bell tolls for everyone whether they hear it or not so does it curve along with spacetime in the aether,
that what is real is different than you think which will cause cognitive dissonance because you don’t believe.
Unexplained connections that come with a warming glance and cooling will to comply somewhere neither,
the chances of anything happening between one thing and another is less than one and more than you deceive.

i really don’t know how to identify friend or foe and it’s usually the wrong choice i choose them and they choose me,
let me do your talking for you and singing your praise as you secretly despise my ability to attract and effortlessly raise.
Bitter and hostile seem par for the course in society based rent size and deeds to those that aren’t what they claim to be.
they forget sometimes it’s those around them who give what they need sometimes without ever receive thanks or praise.

There was a time my head was held high now condescension and insults pelt my skin speckled with fibs & sideways grins.
being sent out to fight the battles for them but having nobody there to help dress down the wounds when the battle is over.
There is no laughing and it’s good friend humor when our lives become controlled by innuendo and rumor of our dark sins,
when the time creeps noticeably slowly the track is slowing down and it seems like a lane change may be the thing to order.

The truth seems to be too much to ask for at times with the cousins excuses and reasons showing up instead,
probabilistic rhythms of this thing we call life can be seen in other dimensions of a mirror that doesn’t reflect.
While shaking our hands you are slapping in the face with your false reasons and two-bit excuses in bed,
being ignored by those you like is the most hurtful feeling of all and insincerity isn’t that hard to detect.

Whatever doesn’t drive us forever apart together will sometimes lead to passive aggressive malice,
I would like you to meet two of my very good friends their names are usually Empty and Vapid.
Without any questions the ass:u:me rule blends to the wrong way of drinking from our chalice.
they are afraid of saying or doing something wrong they choose instead to ignore it transrapid.

When questions that are given again go unanswered they are rarely if ever again asked.
multi-feelings can be felt at the same time in the organic space of our too and fro’s.
i’m not your assumption any way for the emptiness is alone inside a sphere of vast.
Can you imagine a life without love from family or friends but plenty from foes.

This is what is meant by ‘living in a vacuum and running out of air folklore,
we are made up of star light with i being the center of the rounded squares.
I am all but your reality whore the one you hate that you love to adore,
where the application of general relativity leads to sticking up hairs.

Being useful consistently for the benefit and group of us brothers,
always giving encouragement and taking whatever is on the rack.
It’s like clapping with one hand while slapping with the others,
because when I face the sun his smile is shining on my back.

Weighted Nightmare Needs

I never liked kissing you,
it’s really not your fault.
My wallet is now empty,
locked away in a vault.

To think i ever loved you,
is very laughable now.
Please stay far far away,
my life is once again wow.

It once was a dream,
then you appeared.
A nightmare ensued,
just as you feared.

Now i am alone again,
just as it should be.
No weights of your need,
i can once again see.


Warped Speed Mind Healing

If a mind can be twisted it can surly be mended,
not by those who have to gain what you are about to lose.
Doctors, therapists and psychiatrists are bended,
treating something like its broken when its really a bruise.

Just because you’re hearing voices and seeing a new thing,
that doesn’t mean you are deficient like they want you to believe.
Doctors are only partially right 100% of the time they ping,
when asked most will only recite what the dsm labels your reprieve.

Why is it that drugs that let us feel good instantly,
are made by and large expensive and illegal?
The drugs that they are not sure what they do,
most cause anhedonia but are considered noble and legal.

Why does is seem from their limited perspective,
they are the ones that know what to do.
They are only there to see everyone at their worst,
and are never around for the normal part deux.

Too many of them and too few of us,
for anything like effective mind recovery.
People are nothing more to many of them,
than one step closer to their next big discovery.

They’re here to heal but don’t really understand how,
offering all of their empty help our minds can now sing?
DBSA and the NAMI groups perpetuate a familiar lie,
that everyone is somewhat sick and can’t do anything .

Schizophrenic this and bipolar that and lets not forget depression,
they only focus on what to call all of the others.
I wonder how they would like to be labeled in negative regression,
by all of our disenfranchised sisters and brothers.

Only deal with those who prove themselves,
to be your personalized recovery practitioner.
If they say there is no such thing on their shelves,
then they’re nothing more than a drug dealing executioner.

Learn more here

Please Choose Your Scar

Please choose the place on my tattooed body,
where you want to leave your scar.
The switch blade is sharpened up and rusting,
soon you won’t be too very far.

Please choose a blank space,
that i will see each and every day,
once you make your mark on my face,
you may find there is no reason to stay.

Please forgive me now from there,
for being a worthless dead beat poet,
because that is what i truly only am,
to prove it i have nothing to show for it.

Please understand there are no friends around,
they all left a long time ago,
there is very little left but rhyme with no song,
the only real word i ever hear often is no.

Please see through the dark and gray to the empty space,
try to get why lust to me is just another radical theory,
everything is counter intuitive because i’m broken inside and out,
just like extacy,  m, string and relativity.

Please don’t think i’m bragging,
because that’s not possible in my human race,
the only feelings i’m capable of,
are shame, fear, loathing and pitiful self -disgrace.

Please don’t think i’m being too forward,
to me everything is imaginary until it’s real,
even then it’s still mostly questionable,
swallowing reality with a blue and red think pill.

Please understand my  ‘i don’t give a shit attitude’
is really just a facade i put up bit by bit,
it’s meant to be just alluring enough to be attractive,
yet still hide the fact that i really don’t give a shit.

Please make no sense because that’s all i understand,
if you are not here to hurt  why even show up,
the truth is whatever you choose to believe at hand,
i can’t remember ever falling in love but often falling down.

Minus One Man

What if I was not a man ?
What does that feel like ?
What if I’m less than a man?
minus 1 man

An empty space filled with flesh on the fall,
climbing up hills with shards of glass.
Below my station among my elements but above it all,
some call it lost or a little bit strange and I call it class.

If it is destined that we never agree to meet there,
you will always be my muse viable and rare.
I always knew you were out there somewhere,
hidden in the shadows like the others who dare.

I’m just a dream that you haven’t had yet,
whilst you are awake and can never forget.
You can be bad when you’re ready to step,
right now is as right as it’s ever going to get.

Something that needs your touch and your best attempt to restore,
there is always the secret hidden passage right under the dance floor.
Bad friends are the best when you’re with them behind the Black Door,
being with those who share your thirst for what most others abhor.