Intoxicated Eternal Oleoresins

I’m enveloped by the emptiness of your absence because our thoughts give me needed nourishment

You swing into my daytime fantasies like our raw wet meat is dreaming in an eternal aether conflict from afar

Between my heart and the world is a bridge of burning silk as the gargoyle flies from the monument

Oleoresins of conifers down poppies and chain inks then hidden and clandestine he enters the window ajar

Noiselessly he effortlessly glides over me with the shadows of the night ensuring everything is properly dead

My mind traces his outline of horror with seduction and like incandescent asters they pierce me as they do you

The echoes of our soft and inanimate embraces spread as magnets and remain imprinted in the unmade bed

Tangled skeins of magical air with green lighted eyes and like huge bat wings they obscure the sleepy blue

His eyes and his sighs of crystal drag along in our all frayed and split up memory while giving this and that choices

From the corners of darkness on hooved tiptoes they advance with a thousand silent whispers from goblin hordes

Fragments of soft mosaics and fuzzy childhood smells creep into our staggering and broken dance of voices

Caught in our web of dreams I wake up from the dream while still in the dreams and sense discrepancies of chords

A whispered feeling on my skin leaves me more than immobile in the cement garden of anxiety

All creatures sleep with thoughts suspended in the immensity of long silence with the right places

Astonishment seizes my insides and out for a moment with a sea of pale lunar craters in zero gravity

Wandering comet streaks of iridescent light that is expanding over time in the deepening of the spaces

Our sun has died with explosion and scattered the heat of a supernova that creates a universe of liquidity

I am now intoxicated within the depth of our faces.



Transmogrified from a poem by Marzia Puzkin; by request