Pseudonystic Symbiotic Thought Scrubbing

Mona was born with a pencil in her hand,
she wants and works to keep it that way,
a character who is thought-out is not born,
writing and drawing since that lucky day.

Thoughtful scrubbing of the inside and out,
trying to escape from within “she’s so heavy”,
broken girl-not-girly nails did zero out flat´╗┐,
wisely mis-behaved woman make history.

Her blank sheet of paper is quickly filling up,
thoughtfully displayed for all to read and aspire,
concentrating on literature and creative writing,
painting leads the way with a knowledge of pire.

Fellows and fellowships lay at your feet at will,
published & exhibited with nice places of variety,
speaking of novels as a krakow based cowgirl,
welcome to the world of the dead poets society.

Pseudonystic romance into every rainy life must fall,
orange lollipops yell wow after just 6 new licks,
10-10-10 won’t be seen by us again if ever at all,
someday we will festivate today just for kicks.