Eleven If-Why Questions

If public transportation is to help the city citizens get from door to door,
why does it seem the fare is just something else to manage and another tax on the poor?

If ivy league colleges are so smart and really want to teach from the page,
why can’t they open their doors to everyone regardless of income race or age?

If conventional capitalist corporate structure is the superior ism,
why do we slave away for wages when there are plenty of resources hidden?

If a possible chemical imbalance means you are genetically derailed,
why isn’t there a laboratory test and who exactly is holding the scale?

If banks are so good with money and worth all the interest and fees,
why do they have the worst financial problems while forcing us to our knees?

If there is no such thing as psychic mind connection or extra sense ability,
why do you get the feeling who’s calling before you pick up and see?

If the government prints and presses the coin, dollar and the pound,
why are they always complaining they don’t have enough to go around?

If you are old enough to join the military at 18 and die,
why can’t you legally drink a beer until 21 or get high?

If paranoid people are often called irrational and crazy,
why do we usually find out they had every right to be?

If business schools are as brilliant as they say,
why can’t they figure out how to offer a free MBA?

If you are so talented and creatively smart,
why don’t we hook up and make some art?