Questioning Enduring Questions

The many types of questions that let us grow as real beings,

paving the way for the next chapter in our lives are usually,

factual, convergent, divergent and evaluative in nature .


Many of the questions in which we encounter are needed,

to explore abilities and reveal potential to ourselves and

others so that we may move forward and endure.

Factual questions are simply straight forward,

and are based on facts of awareness,

with little processing power they are often answered,

with a yes, no, right or wrong.

Convergent questions offer a finite range,

of acceptable accuracy with complex analysis,

cognition, comprehension and synthesization,

make your creative thinking ability strong.


Divergent questions explore alternate perspectives

and create variations of correctness,

scenarios may be based on logical projection,

and the conceptual ability to think long.

Evaluative questions require a high level,

of logical cognition and a predefined process,

answers let the questioners know,

within a comparative framework where they belong.