Rhonda’s Transistional Being

Rhonda just isn’t the same person you used to find
her license to be weird and cute will never expire
weak minds don’t matter and dark matter doesn’t mind
there through thick and thin for friends of desire
taking time alone to protect from those who are unkind.

Acceptance of loss has still yet to completely be heeded
spending time alone  sorting out a selective reflection
quiet for a time with sorrow is sometimes what is needed
losing a close soul as another reappears like convection
keeping things stabilised in the midst of being reseeded.

She’ll do anything nice for someone she trusts 100%
not actually gone but far enough away to remain strong
until you display something to doubt or reason to resent
realization and denial will not change to right from wrong
there is little room left for those who are into decent.

She has transmogrified into a better geemosapian being
laughter and loooooove of animals and Brandi too
bubbly wall postings with a funny and crazy thing
the past is in the past and without her so are you
ordering the chaos and determining who lets you sing.

Wading in solitude to keep things from slipping askew
avoiding silence because it brings a disquieting comfort
her attentive door is unlocked for a lucky intuitive few
zero motivation to seek  by herself someone to subvert
not reaching out or seeking superficial company like you.

Her bottom is on the line and finding something very fun
hermitizing from existence to absorb and process it all
making transitional choices on when and where to sun
undeserving feeling suckers always take the final fall
living her illustrious life like the swiss family Robinson.