Janelle Boatright

Janelle has another quip trip,
around the sun under her belt.
She sees god in everywhere else,
exploring and finding the hidden welt.

Am I just one of the gaping cracks,
from the wrong side of the tracks mile?
The forces of muse have a new angel,
this one has a dark side built into her smile.

Her spirit is invincible just as her ability,
mythology and psychology are one and the same.
Art and music fuel them all quiet and quantemly,
look to the mirror to face the parallel blame.

Her soul shines the aether with every email click,
she’s had my moments in between dances.
Where she finds herself everyone wants to know,
because the nature of the surreal trances.

She has many friends and most of them real,
highly educated and stands out in her field.
She faces the world aglow and fights the battles herself,
the face of kindness as her only needed shield.

Not that she really needs them to do it for her,
but anyone would put up a good fight.
From everything and everyone in the emptiness,
happy something birthday today Ms. Boatright.