Defensless Expert Loser

From an expert loser with a minor in reeming,
to a perfect failure with a wake full of rocks,
there is no backing out just free falling,
think of this as winding our clocks.

This is the first poem polished sitting in the dark,
un-cleverly nothing said is said so figuratively,
negative zero is my only darkened mark,
you have seemingly gone bright lovely.

There is no shelter for me to offer but authenticity,
if you do not believe me because you can’t,
i will introduce you to a few bad friendly’s,
they will give you the un-down slant.

If there is any damage done it will be my being nice,
a promise that can be made without a slight adieu,
my offering is the worst of virtue and best of vice,
with me around nobody will dare fuck with you.

The best of everything in my life is electronic in being,
from there it always ascends into the rapid decline,
there is no fight left in me or anything i’m seeing,
the unbearable likeness of my being a design.

Defenseless and daring with a bit of lunacy,
could perfectly describe my un-persona,
my damage is inflicted un-permanently,
life is absent of pleasant aroma.