Dance Lower Sveltely

Likes to do it to people just for fun

entertaining them for a short while

live each day to the fullest with passion

do everything with loud song and svelte dance

good things come when you least expect them too

scapegoating through the aethersphere today

reading and writing is neo-cerebral growth

life tests her faith and feeds her new belief

being strong and do your best bellydance

make no mistakes or no mistakes matter.


Infinite Mobius Feelings

 The lovey dovey period expands

please do that swirl thing that you love to do

emotional proximation convects

soul is measured in countable packets

when i hear you cry it’s for a reason

never knowing what the whole story is

infinite loop of mobius feelings

looks being unexpectedly captured

spooning and sleeping in the R.E.M.

everyone is beautiful in our dreams.

Ultimate Oral Sustenance

Oral self indulgence of every sort

copulation of the intimate source

sustenance from dead flesh gives us power

red food gives us all fire from within

hyperventilate with each others lips

the heart not only pumps blood and breathing

savor true flavor under the wet tounge

ultimate taste experience engulfs

more intoxicated with every bite

what ever you want is on the plate now.

That’s That Again

 i do not smell that good smell that you smell

that’s not exactly what you think happened

that is only what you think of sometimes

suspension of that which you over think

that is only what you want me to think

that is what only you want me to think

that’s what you want to think of only me

that’s not what i said or even close to meant

the stove was not left on by me again.

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Standard Absudum Vortex

Thinking out loud in silence with you now
if left alone down the vortex i go
open minded and skeptical we are
do everything alone on the steep edge
looking is a form of quantum changing
aetherspheric synergy increases
when you measure something real it changes
washable experience left to dry
silver cords wrap completely imperfect
standard absudum deviation is Zen.

When Who Looks and Listens Why

Who is in charge and we don’t really know
what do they want and why do they sigh
who is watching us underneath the moonglow
what do they do to get off on their high.

Looking and listening to every click
listening to the looks of white headphones
looking and baiting with the next chick
listening to the looks of silent stones.

When will it stop, slow or ever begin to end
why do they look so intently and stare
when will they stop coming round the bend
why do they show up most everywhere?

Essensial Musical Breathe

Dedicated to making things with objects of statement
invoking fear instantly and nicer than expected
tall and soft dark bites makes things very blatant
wildly creative and a feisty crackpot unperfected.

Stay drama free and free from those who are fleeting
no manicures needed for breaking and diving
not treasure seeking or upwards eye gleeming
slowly starving on the brink of ultra-funning.

Music is the essential me as the air the we breathe
play from wake time till it’s time to fade to sleepy
stereos in the studios as the speakers sound weave
headphones everywhere in between all things pretty.

The necessary evil of a planned obsolescence
skinny art boys and poets hate sports too
suits optional when you’re full of reluctance
owning more of nothing appeals to not only you.

Volatilizingly Dripping Moon

Frankie feels the impulse to howl like a coyote under the desert moon
spill into me your flavourful madness that begins with a long sip
the whole her is there with much to be discovered too soon
still truckin’ on this long and strange and blissful trip
your drama tastes like blueberry flavoured doom.

Overflow your cup to taste what you can’t see
your good karma has wet my lips for much more
the magnificent moon twice murdered the sun sunny
taste and die a dancing heart behind the dark black door
my dharmic eyes are elevated to see what you too could be.

Covered in good things lips slightly move when they almost sing
take what is given to you and lose a soul to once again save
put them in your pocket with no need for any unlocking
dancing in circles and squares to an aethersphere rave
dreamland will find you when you stop up looking.

Find the one who covers their eyes with the sun
intense roads to the kingdom have been solidly built
the theatre is overflowing and you have choices of none
drizzed in your sweetness i’ll devour you without much guilt
time to stop the show and reveal that your true voice is the one.

Red pens dipping in the mud being depicted only abstractively
writing songs with dripping blood and perfect admiration
volatilizingly this peace child’s compass spins insanely
live a life with the lack of bewitching compensation
how well do you want to be portrayed accurately?

Sassy Shackled Ankels

This world of social engineering is painfully engaging
the cup seems dried with dregs of vacant bitterness
voices sewn shut and stained cheeks with tearing
let the crowd stick to oval holes of emptiness
a blind mole-like mentality blindly hurting.

Sweeter than you think of a unique visionary
blazing forests don’t follow the damp leader
cane flailings dance with a lacklustre morality
feelings come deeper and swim with a sinker
embrace the differently downtrodden eternally.

The moments you touch with reaching velvet silken hands
hidden places aching that only you can make ache that way
the omega love/lust connection is fraught with hour sands
bruising kisses of the evening hardness then soft by day
feeding addictions of desire with mutually planned plans.

Meeting the needs in between that of want and strife
there’s a razor thin line between sweetened and sweet
hair pulling passion with a lie we both share in rife
committed and adulterous while still in mourning to meet
being entwined in a perfect union with a lover of life.

Shackled ankles are always ready to be slightly unbound
baking cookies in negligee and silk scarves flowing
be sweet and rough and change my face to being unfrowned
transparency in a flawed interlude of internal glowing
tongue twisted lips tied to your singing sultry sound.

A modicum of “difference” makes you more understanding
a prescience believed singing and shouting it out loud
a really lived beatitude life of raw nude existing
a cloud of your conscience seeing the facebook crowd
a quirky chaser brazenly defiant in the act of living.

The broken and battered are a kindred disjointed folk
just like being there the yokes of a never-ending pain
years of tears peppered with split seconds of pseudo hope
flowing syllabic evolutions are going to once again regain
who knows but for now just write while you continue to choke.

Knowing that perhaps the best work is laying latent
kicking rocks is gone forever replaced with shallow breath
take a sick pleasure in knowing that few get my intent
see me like they used to before my poetic birth and death
lurking in the locked box with stripped poems of discontent.

Square pegs shining in a semi-final round of proclivity
prelude to alliterative experience of intimate assonance
dancing with words one at a time or maybe up to twenty
plenty of rhetoric spewed with silent cognitive dissonance
words take on a life of their own with each one worth a penny.

A visage is smeared in the angst of tumultuous torrent
heckled profusely for being hated and once again shamed
no one cares and they can’t see the trees or the forest
adoration of writing their way out of ever being gamed
the things you’re beaten for are usually your favourite.

Transmogrification of three poems by Amy Gabrial

Pharmacide; Philosophy : Art : Physics

Rhonda’s Transistional Being

Rhonda just isn’t the same person you used to find
her license to be weird and cute will never expire
weak minds don’t matter and dark matter doesn’t mind
there through thick and thin for friends of desire
taking time alone to protect from those who are unkind.

Acceptance of loss has still yet to completely be heeded
spending time alone  sorting out a selective reflection
quiet for a time with sorrow is sometimes what is needed
losing a close soul as another reappears like convection
keeping things stabilised in the midst of being reseeded.

She’ll do anything nice for someone she trusts 100%
not actually gone but far enough away to remain strong
until you display something to doubt or reason to resent
realization and denial will not change to right from wrong
there is little room left for those who are into decent.

She has transmogrified into a better geemosapian being
laughter and loooooove of animals and Brandi too
bubbly wall postings with a funny and crazy thing
the past is in the past and without her so are you
ordering the chaos and determining who lets you sing.

Wading in solitude to keep things from slipping askew
avoiding silence because it brings a disquieting comfort
her attentive door is unlocked for a lucky intuitive few
zero motivation to seek  by herself someone to subvert
not reaching out or seeking superficial company like you.

Her bottom is on the line and finding something very fun
hermitizing from existence to absorb and process it all
making transitional choices on when and where to sun
undeserving feeling suckers always take the final fall
living her illustrious life like the swiss family Robinson.


Running Fire Water

Mara is da girl dat is soon gonna be very merry
a self-proclaimed dork who doesn’t play kid games
and doesn’t take crap from anyone ordinarily
a happy drama free life to her from me i proclaim
they nay say while i’ll love her till death you’ll see.

She’s going to school and doin’ it the right hard way
her trusted friends tell her she can be kind of a bitch
going to seek scholastic identity to do what she’ll say
getting maddened up she’s my favourite sexy goth witch
my unique ability to love is hers every night and day.

She’s like running fire and i’m like water flickering
sometimes she burns me up and others i dowse her out
when the mixtures are right we atomize something amazing
she a best friend and with me will never do without
there’s nothing normal bout how we’re relating.

Blissfull Vajayjay Day

The stars seem brighter as you remain unfound
because you have opened my eyes once more
we realized in your absence a beauty once sound
no longer descend past the valentine day door.

cupid was fine when we were a time that myths were the reason
we have a new celebration mostly for her and a little for him
the day is now stolen from a cute baby angel in kissing season
because what is desired at nights end is satiated dripping wet trim.

we believe it’s time to begin a new tradition of sway
paying homage to something adults can adorn and adore
from now on annually in february every girl shares this day
the right to feel, look and act like your form of whore.

there are many lessons to be learned along way to she gleen
tendencies inspire to put the cooter owner up in a pedal tower
envision a cadre of rounded hips with bits and pieces in between
when it comes to being face to face with the ultra pussy power
wherever you go in every spacetime there is cha cha to be seen.

all are unique and some quite exquisite while coming in a wide range
every once in a while you accidentally come across the cunt variety
when the moon is full there’s nothing wrong with a little strange
most of the owners are nice and good and very vital to our society.

some dangle their poon for a nice free dinner out or the vip line
other la-las are used to manipulate love to live the way they might
for some their honey spot is their money pot and for them that’s fine
in the case of wax pain it’s worth our pleasure through the long night
responsible owners take care of their yum yum treasure all the time.

most coochie connoisseurs prefer the absence of all fur reminisces
many like a nice little trim and neatly quaffed but not bare
others like a little beaver power patch of devine deliverance
there are those who love a big furry bush at which to stare.

there are many options and the choice is yours they’re your lips
there are many ways to prepare the infinitely complex Mt. Venus
here are a few friendly tips for your pre-pleasure tune-up trips
from the mound top to the perineum taint just above the anus.

accouterments galore are available everywhere within ink studios
with a few little things made of metal and maybe some real fangs
everyone takes creative requests and good artists are real pros
with ink and piercings for the brave and daring darling gangs.

consider these when you’re planning for a trim for the trout
prepare for the ouch because it’s completely worth the pain
enjoy the waxing pain in case the big night doesn’t work out
nikhedonia can be addickting for both you and him the same.

a ‘landing strip’ on the Mound of Venus liberates the outer labia
the full monty goes deeper and includes a punani triangle-hood-top
the sphinx cleans the beach up and down the whole pelvic box area
stealth mode is a brazilian lady business landing strip-non-stop.

some celebrate the fact that they no longer have one
others that the last is forever gone and hopefully put away
many are blissfully happy with just what they have done
today is the day everyone celebrates Blissfull Vajayjay Day.

Amy’s Extolling Polling

Amy’s garden of eden is full of love and respect,
she is searching for self awareness & identity,
a citizen of the world who is private and authentic,
full of stubborn fire and emanates colorful serenity.

Touched by life’s experiences and endless possibilities,
her paintings evoke a sense of poetic drama and sensuality,
short expressive stories carrying messages of love and dreams,
inspired by experience, people of mystique and self serenity.

Erasing borders and building bridges to reach beyond horizons,
citizens of the world unite around what she is naturally extolling,
a rebel with balls full of peace, understanding and positive vision,
keep the passionate faith and have a happy birthday Ms. Polling.

Let’s Meet

I can tell you things that you’ve never heard,
and show you things you’ve never seen.
What is it that you do,
from which I may gleen?

We can meet for lunch,
or maybe tea.
You can tell me about you,
and then about me.

It’s not sex I want,
or be friends with benefits either.
It’s an exchange of ideas,
over a pint or a liter.

You tell me yours,
I’ll tell you mine.
If the energy is right,
together they will shine.

Elly Cox

Elly calls her computer names,
because she can’t fall asleep.
Probably waiting for Jeff Buckley,
to sing her off of her feet.

Her info is full of bright range,
I’m so very pleased to see that.
She thinks she is so very strange,
looks nothing like a big ding bat.

I think you should use “Peanut Brittle”,
then take yourself out of your box.
If I can give you one bit of advise,
don’t name your son Richard Cox.

Sound of Your Face

I think it’s time,

to hear your voice,

It’s not up to me,

it’s not our choice.


Longing to hear loudly,

the sound of your face.

Washing waters stray,

singed leather & your lace.


When night swallows day,

you’re here with me now.

Somatic aether connection,

don’t ask me why or how.



Laurene Wyspianski

If Laurene doesn’t kill you,
you will finally see life.
She’s sometimes a bitch,
always loyal through strife.

Her friends say she’s crazy,
too nice and funny.
A flirty cute pushover,
when it comes to money.

She’s nowhere near selfish,
irresponsible just for fun.
A good patient listener,
too chatty to run.

Still looking for herself,
through the company of others.
Friendship, Dating, A Relationship,
shall I bring you three brothers?

With them sometimes,
I simply don’t agree.
Loving makes you alive,
what do you think Wyspianski?


Between the epic center of nothing and absence,

my chrome nest of bubbles scatter the plight.

Dragonfly wings shatter at the mirrors expense,

buttons fly after scales molting in the blue midnight.


Under the bed a dragon is still alive from the ashes,

drinking the strawberry acid juice and salivating on the pain.

Panther like cats stare through the gold eyelashes,

their eyes dilate together as their lungs breathe the rain.


Your wonder is way more than impressive than death,

knowing you my greatest privilege in an accelerated rate.

There is no remedy against the ending of my breath,

tonight let us rejoice in a way that makes you vibrate.


Transmogrified from a comment by Marzia Puzkin

Jl Davenport

On a sunny day she takes a stroll,

around the Run Away lake.

Yummy Yum dining on Floeme’s Pleasure,

something soft french bake.


She pre-emptivly walks once more around,

’cause First Time seconds are on the way.

She grasps hold of Emasculate powerful sound,

while begging the good kiss to go and stay.


She loves tranfixing others with her poetry,

while squeezing in Repulsive talking and sulking with rhyme.

Titillating senses that make your hormones run wild,

she can Tease her way through Crazy Love 10 cents at a time.