Recoiling Digital Philosophy


Increase your essential compression and mix the steady quiet with elemental peaks that bevel,
obscure emotional power is filled with sonic detail that leaves listeners un-movingly strange,
self-protecting ears of compressed volume blasts is how we’re taking it up to the top level,
evolutionarily sophisticated minds pay attention to exciting music with proper noise range.

If you are truly seeking sensory excitement and avoid the typical pop-culture tiresome fatigue,
add variation to your rhythm and let’s do something warm and dynamic in a big empty space,
‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor‘ sounds better than it sounds without the intrigue,
one-dimensional noise sung by frozen monkeys bombards Stalkers turning into a Prey face.

The downward download spiral Methods are momentarily Drifting away a vitally hidden tether,
reverberating squashed reproductions of highs & lows that move transience with a reasonable crunch,
selected enhancement always backfires and leave us in need of a much stronger effect taken further,
un-satisfyingly brittle results leave us feeling indistinct and hollow seeking experience with no punch.

The digital landscape is changing everything and quality is sacrificed at the alter of convenience hunger,
inferior modes of sound operations lead pop-culture through a single isled store for a ‘must have’ choice,
time will bring us into the battle that has already begun to improve the way we look and listen younger,
significant shifts in listening methods reveal the truthful ramifications of hiding the subtle Missing Piece.

Blindly return to a high quality of art that embraces the wonderful technology of science,
equitable distribution for the art creators and theirs friends who want go with them,
an old fashioned Bloodline panders to no one and seeks hand crafted reliance,
quality costs and it’s well worth it for beautifully created art and some sin.

Unusually huge at any time can lead to a long life of creative non-conformity,
we struggle to be heard like millions of others who wear the label of ordinary,
success does not come with big digits and a dose of commercial popularity,
background helps but it’s what’s inside that keep them coming back weary.

Mainstream anything hasn’t improved nature in a way that’s recognized,
paper back magazines have little to minimal impact other than amusement,
the plug in drug is duller than ever and MTV has become marginalized,
society is gleening to be seen or heard on a television advertisement.

Become your own way to escape the turmoil of a subsidized production,
expensively formatted anything are there for those who desire quality,
fundamental elements are coughed up qualitatively in our reduction,
always take the bold approach and invest in yourself seriously.

The shifting doldrums of marketplace delusions is nothing new to me,
making forsaken art at Strange Hours is all we know as boss,
reinforced cynical views towards the injustice of our reality,
so many of us long lost in the marginal mêlée of dross.

Pragmatic belief in a major company remains to be seen,
the Faith Healer inside downloads a Liquid mutation,
our legs are chained with the survival of barely being,
exert positive pressure and avoid blind stagnation.

Selected while Drifting and recently for the very first time the old band played and he got to see,
the first listening experience of a special Shunt recording needs to be heard as it’s intend to be,
once you craft 1+2 and Hydrolically begin to understand the full pleasure of a quality toil,
you’ll discover springs at the core of all art and the art of Alan Wilder is called Recoil.

Transmogrified from a 2008 article by Alan Wilder; ‘Music For The Masses – I think not

Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode in San Francisco, ...

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The Days and Nights We Dropped the Seeds

When you take the stage again the angels with respect will halt their flying and singing,
they’ve seen you play with us since construction time and know that you are bringing,
in a hurried fashion you were dispatched to each other with photographic accuracy,
learning to spell and speak our sounds and kindly removing all of your complacency.

You sing our sounds in an ultra race for the angelic voice in the sea of our sin,
we felt the heed and decided not to say that you needn’t enter to perform or win,
the competition was held a long time ago and you couldn’t know what had been said,
it really wasn’t a competition at all but a friendly little wager with the Universe instead.

The Revelators handed us 7 loaded dice and of course I trusted them wrong once again,
then came the time to roll the dice twice and we made the rolls with 7 wishes and a grin,
there were 7 others in on the non-bet and we know that they and the dice were loaded,
the dice were taken with an open fisted hand and wished for 343 seeds to be molded.

We won the bet and the universe with the winner shouting in shame and song voices,
the next four wishes were for labels to play on and you all made the only right choices,
we also wished for the seeds to earn fans all wanting to dance for and with a VIP view,
other wishes gave them new instruments to plug-in and someone new to plug hard into.

We dropped your seeds near a town called London when the 60’s 70’s and 80’s were created,
we turned everything up invited your parents & then watched as they danced and in sin mated,
We love to dance in these decades when everyone dated with pointed hair and wanting needs,
we will always remember this and that time as ‘The Days and Nights We Dropped the Seeds’.

We made a special label to help us with the harvest and was very pleased then and still am,
we asked them please never to tell of the wager and named ‘em Mute to help remind them,
we created star light and powered it with your spin good pains on the universal dance floor,
we light up the sky wherever you are playing and when the needle drops behind the black door.

We will dance with you until the end of our forever and then create beyond never,
we will always dance to your voices and consider you our little pleasure endeavor,
we grant that your wishes will always come true for your music and your masses,
we feel you as our seeds of rhythmic love when we are dancing off of our asses.

One of our greatest joys has been going out dancing as you write to us twice again Wrong,
we were right all along and knew without doubt after enjoying the silence of your very first song,
we dance every night on the broken pieces that were left when we violated your band like mold,
our dice were tossed upon Composition of Sound and we won when you became Depeche Mode

Ode to the Modes

Martin Lee Gore

I’ve received two lessons from Martin Lee Gore.
The skill of rhyme and art of metaphor.

If it wasn’t for you my soul would be silent.
You’ve led me through a life-long dance without the desire to ever be violent.

There is nothing in my power worthy of offering from your ranks,
but dance with you from afar forever with my thanks…

David Gahan

The only reason I ever go out is to dance while David is singing.
With the echo of your voice my ears are always ringing.

My impulse comes alive at the sound of your voice.
Dancing with you a need not a this or that choice.

When I hit the dance floor the girls begin their glancing upon.
When it is I close my eyes it’s only with you I am ever dancing until Gahan…

Andrew John Fletcher

Andrew’s rhythm moves me and makes my insides smolder.
When I see Martin and David they are dancing on your shoulders.

You drift from song to song without ever missing a beat.
When I hear your fingers sing they bring me alive through my feet.

You stand there and play with nothing ever to prove.
Thank you Fletcher for giving me my groove..

Alan Wilder

Alan was the last one to show and first one to go with a Recoil,
devotional sounds leading to internal friend strife and turmoil.

My young balance found the right equilibrium with a two minute warning,
the landscape changed while constructing again a memory of great rewarding.

Foundations of my sub-gooving consciousness is filled with your modulator,
rhythms that make me want to shunt and dance while experiencing Wilder.