S.C.R.E.A.M for P.E.A.C.E.

We’re protesting in the streets and demanding honesty in the face,
who’s asking what causes crimes to be committed in the first place?
let’s abolish that and move on in peace without hardly leaving a trace. 
Peace through superior firepower is the only model that society’s been believing,

The 1% have all the time in the world to think about rules because that’s pretty much all that they do,
by analyzing around town they look pretty good at it and it seems they are playing a multilayered game.
They’re playing interdimensional chess and with it building a complex society which now needs renew,
the people are playing backgammon and checkers and honor has been replaced with quest for fame. 

Armed with my degree and the use of a dictionary I certainly understand the meaning of ABOLISH. 
I’m only an amature constitutional scholar and  keep two copies on my desk just in case of debate,
If it was done so then then when we read so now we can easily see that it’s all spit and polish,
there’s still a loophole that allows for any one of us to easily become a SLAVE of the State.

What if there was no government guiding our minds and choices to which we can appeal? 
finish the trip that began long ago and most recently with Martin, Harriet and Abe too.
would systemic problems like we have still be present and continue to be too real?
If change is what we demand then it is us who must be prepared to change too.

From my view here are a few places where we can start to make some real change,
stop stopping people for being brownly suspicious when they’re obeying the law clearly.  
Let the community decide when a crime is committed and stop using guns with the deranged, 
domestic violence interventionalists and what else? Oh yea, END MOTHERFUCKING SLAVERY!

Change Section 1 of the 13th Amendment which cletary states that SLAVERY still has some legalization,
because when there is an arrest and punishment for a crime that comes in the form of any legal conviction.
Since 1863 everyone of us who is convinced by action becomes a SLAVE of the STATE without recognition, 

It is Congress who enforces this clause with every pound of the gavel and with the passing of new legislation. 
Finally ABOLISH SLAVERY NOW as it’s not that hard to make this change because nothing has to be added, 
here let me show you how to edit it shouldn’t take very long because all we need to do is delete this portion:
remove this phrase now and justly destroy the remnants of Institutionalized Oppression and Exploitation.

DEMAND from Congress to remove from the Constitution this poorly amended exception clause,
or go on national television and explain to this nation’s people of color why it should remain. 
This shouldn’t require much debate since you’ve taken a knee and removed your claws, 
unless it’s a symbolic gesture like all the times and promises before you brought pain. 

Because we live in a society where doing nothing wrong or one simple tryst,
can make you a lifelong SLAVE of the State for whom freedom cannot exist.
until this change is made now for all then nature will compel us to RESIST.

All throughout history up until now and war has been ever present.
It occurs at the highest levels of wealth and government entities,
and all way down to all people including the poorest peasant, 
far beyond occasional skirmishes we’re a warring species.

Let this time unite us instead of divide us our choice is all we have,
after reading this it should seem that protesting and causing pains,
asking the state for less police profiling, brutality and violence is like, 
begging for a thinner set of glossy collars and a stylish pair of chains. 

We can’t change the past but we can accelerate the future to now,
time and technology are on our side in this struggle against neo-fascism.
Everything is nature and we can change so nature can change and show us how,  
progress our consciousness and transmogrify into a higher form of Transhumanism.

SLAVERY cannot exist if we are all part of the same hive mind and anti-war,
our collective minds must synchronize together before this happens.
Spontaneous Creativity Rapidly Expands Aethershperic Modulation for 
People Evolve As Consciousness Expands.


Zombie Jesus

Join Aslan and Jennifer Monday’s @ Noon in conversation about how Philosophy, Art and Physics commingle to form our individual and collective global consciousness.


Zombies and Society
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Bjorn Gay

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About Evolutionary Parallelisms

Join Aslan and Jennifer Monday’s @ Noon in conversation about how Philosophy, Art and Physics
commingle to form our individual and collective global consciousness.

Each week we focus on three contemporary or historical figures and explore
their contributions to society and relevance to us now.

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About Death with David J.

October 17, 2011 12:00pm
Join Aslan and Jennifer Monday’s @ Noon in conversation about how art, science and philosophy interrelate with each other to form our collective and individual consciousness. We’re examining Death in society this month so put on your blackest clothes, dark eyeliner and tune in or download while sharing with others.

Our special guest will be the legendary ** David J. of Bauhaus/Love & Rockets ** in a live telephone interview from Los Angeles.  We will be discussing his new album ‘Not Long for this World’, and listening to the songs ‘Title Wave of Blood” and “Bloodsucker Blues”.

Today’s Topics

Picasso’s Dead Friend

The Avant-garde is Not Dead

The Death of Money and Banks

Is Bela Lugosi Really Dead ?

** David J **

Live DJ Set
Thursday, October 20
San Francisco’s Cat Club

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There’s really no better time for former Bauhaus and Love & Rockets bassist/vocalist DAVID J to release his latest album NOT LONG FOR THIS WORLD (Starry Records) for Halloween. It’s the season where darkness becomes beautiful, and beautiful darkness is just one of this legend’s many trademarks.

DAVID has set November 1 as the release date for his eighth offering as a solo artist, and it’s perfectly apropos.

NOT LONG FOR THIS WORLD is a collection of 12 hypnotic hymns, touting gorgeously elegiac lyrics, smoky jazz piano, shades of gothic ambience, dark theatricality, and dramatic rock energy in the tradition of DAVID‘s most revered output. It’s otherworldly, elegant, and infectiously powerful.

In addition, DAVID has prepared a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork representing each song on the record. He’s signing each piece, and listeners can purchase them as part of a special, limited edition vinyl package of the album. This vinyl is a double LP with an ornate gatefold, and it also boasts one extra song, “Lorca’s Death,” only available on vinyl. For collectors, this is a must-have.

NOT LONG FOR THIS WORLD will be released via Starry Records as part of a partnership with Smashing Pumpkins mastermind William Patrick Corgan and Kerry Brown alongside St. Rose Records. His impact has been felt intensely by both Billy and Kerry, and his influence remains prevalent in their work.

In other David J news, he will perform his show Silver for Gold (The Odyssey of Edie Sedgwick) Wednesday, November 30 to Sunday, December 4, in downtown Los Angeles at Redcat, CalArts’ Downtown Center for Innovative Visual, Performing, and Media Arts. Part delirious one-woman show, part avant-garde rock concert replete with eerie video imagery, this production written and directed by David J finds new mythic dimensions in the rise and eventual drugs and alcohol-fueled crash of Andy Warholmuse Edie Sedgwick. 

DAVID’s multi-dimensional career began with seminal goth legends Bauhaus. DAVID has since released seven albums with Love & Rockets, seven solo albums, and several solo EPs, as well as collaborations and session appearances with the likes of Jane’s Addiction, Genesis P. Orridge, Jarboe, author Alan Moore, and actress Fairuza Balk. NOT LONG FOR THIS WORLD–a rich gothic cabaret- inspired album–is evidence of a deep maturation, sure to attract old fans and new.

Because You’re Gone

Gloomy Sunday

Dead and Lovely

St. James Infirmary

Hank Williams to the Angel of Death

Spalding Gray Can’t Swim

Eulogy for Jeff Buckley

Dagger in the Well

The Last Cigarette

Dress Sexy at my Funeral

Farewell My Friend

Not Long For This World *

Lorca’s Death (bonus track)

Electriffic Modulation

Topics for September 6, 2011

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