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Sun Flare Care

The Sun has gas,
he is burping out flares,
but when looking around,
nobody really cares.

People would much rather,
keep their heads in the sand,
pretending things are normal,
living in their own dreamland.

Most people live life in a state of denial,
is so much more pleasant to live this way,
ignoring everything that doesn’t effect them,
as they all do this society does decay.

Godless Heathen Goddess

Sarah Jane is a godless goddess heathen
her very liberal views are magnetically charged
crazies throw bibles at her for no reason
she appears to have a brain that’s enlarged.

She’s turning something like thirty-three
or at least she kind of thinks she is
or turning something like Japanese you see
she is all hers but wants to be his.

She loves to accomplish nothing perfectly
and feels wonderful about it every time
she does it continuously and discretely
her outsides are hers but her insides mine.

She wants to be loved in her wraparound jumpsuit
wearing white cotton panties against her will
bloated purple dead on a toilet and destitute
waking up in a pool of her own vomit spill.

She’s into Knitting hella metal cuffs
and can turn any song into an ode to her cat
with one semester down she’s strutting her stuffs
only a few left to go and that’s where it’s at.

 Evil sickness ravages her for four weeks away
she aces grueling exams and then dances about it
celebrates with bad movie night in a perfect way
she makes time to party yet will never quit.

She makes pots of dark black coffee two at a time
ignoring the twitch that comes with each one
finally feeling like she’s coming into her prime
life is great but it takes two to have fun.

She listens to Inter Arma over and over again
staying up all night reading is her great joy
she sings to her cats in the morning now and then
her higher level of consciousness is a great ploy.

Her eyes light up when she sees equations about time
formulas and theories excite her to no end
she likes it loud and hard and numbers that are prime
the smart are never easy to defriend or offend.

Brutal death metal creates for her a happiness
she looks at her problems as a source of entertainment
trepanation deliberately accelerates her braininess
I’d volunteer to be her next mad self experiment.

Like With Our Love

Like dancing particles and new waves,

truth and words slightly entangle,

together they create an ultra reality,

of course the grinning lairs lie and commingle.

With the suddenness of a bad haircut,

epiphanies creep in and outwardly crawl,

it’s easier to believe in comfortable lies,

than admit to the hopelessness of it all.

Our souls are in need of repair and soothing,

there is only one way for this to be done,

they’ve been torn and thrown into oblivion,

superposition is two that become one.

Love conquers little to almost nothing,

except in the realm of our feeble mind,

to find that real someone is rare indeed,

it’s when we stop looking that we finally find.

S.C.R.E.A.M. for P.e.a.c.e. Turns 100 with Acharya S.

S.C.R.E.A.M. for P.e.a.c.e.

S.C.R.E.A.M. for P.e.a.c.e.
Art + Physics + Philosophy = Consciousness
December 23, 2013

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Tune in to a very special broadcast as we record our 100th program with Radio Valencia. On this special day we will be interviewing academic pioneer and distinguished scholar Acharya S. (DM Murdock), author of “The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold”, “Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled”, and numerous other books and articles. She is considered worldwide to be one of the leading scholars in the field of Comparative Religion and her work provides irrefutable evidence that Jesus was not an historical figure, but rather a  construct of the ruling elite based upon previous mythical characters and the movements of the Sun and stars. Her work was the source material for the opening Astrotheological sequence of “Zeitgeist the Movie”, and has influenced the thinking and…

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Wormwood & Reverse Polarity

The Sun’s Son ISON

The people have their heads in the sand,
the message is before them clearly to see,
ignorant bliss is all they understand,
they’ll only realize when there’s no place left to flee.

The Earth’s polarity is shifting and when it does,
the equator and poles shift position as well,
the poles contract and the ice sheets detach just because,
the belt shifts position and the new equator swells.

When the ice sheet slips into the ocean,
a surge will occur on each and every beach,
what once was still will experience motion,
there will be no place to run or anyplace safe to reach.

ISON is glowing and getting brighter,
his father the Sun is flaring with mass ejection,
on November 19 our nights will become brighter,
prepare yourselves for self protection.

When the lights go out the people will riot,
food and water will be out of reach,
there are camps waiting to keep everyone quiet,
stay away from fault lines and anywhere near a beach.

The ominous darkness approaches us all,
the plight of humanity is about to rapidly fall,
brighter than the daylight while next to the moon,
there is nowhere to run and ISON is coming soon.

The clock is ticking slower as the Sun’s son approaches,
time is not what it was or what you thought it to be,
most if humanity will become cockroaches,
I want to make it to the other side just so I can see.

There is nobody there in which to say goodby,
nobody waiting anxiously for my return,
nobody to miss me while I’m away,
no one to sit by my side as we watch the Earth burn.

Happy Slave-labor Day

Deeper Still Delph


The deeper I fall the deeper the hole seems to get,
life is a daily romp through some kind of hell,
nothing is worth remembering so we forget,
there is never a reason to ring the win bell.

My head hurts and my ears are ringing,
clothes smell like red cigarette smoke,
listening to the screams like singing,
time dilates you and that’s no joke.

Friday nights are alone and stark,
those people who stroll by thrive,
there’s nothing to do in the dark,
I wonder how is it they survive.

My life is not my own to live,
there is nothing to celebrate,
don’t receive but only give,
alone I sit and deliberate.

Alone in the bright night,
alone in the darkest day,
there’s nothing to right,
no place safe to stray.

It is empty down here,
all alone with myself,
I feel only acute fear,
and an empty delph.

Mobbing &Organized Gang Stalking in San Francisco

Arts Bombast: ArtPadSF

Did you ArtPad?

Ribbon Around A Bomb

Last week, I attended ArtPadSF, and It. Was. Fabulous. Rather than bore you with descriptions of all the beautiful people, ingenious art, and poolside whiskey that I consumed, I’d like to highlight my three favorite galleries that I (re)discovered, and strongly suggest that you check them out for yourself.

1. Queen’s Nails (San Francisco)

Queen’s Nails is a small gallery on Mission St., just past Cesar Chavez. I used to pass by it nearly every day, due to its proximity to my old house and some of my favorite bars, but alas, it was never open. There was about a week-long span where it just looked like a deserted white box, full of slowly deflating balloons. Well, I still haven’t been to the space, but I finally had a chance to learn more about the gallery at ArtPad. Um, you see the flames below? It’s part of the Sell…

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The Misadventures of Aslan, an Urban Oddyssey

I’ve been drifting through this life looking,
in search of somewhere with something to care.
For a over a decade now and count slowing,
the people who love me only do so by dare.

I remember growing up in little to nowhere land,
imagining what it would it be like to do a magic transport.
beam myself to San Francisco or someplace exotic with sand,
somehow be part of what is and with an import.

Listening in secret to Depeche Mode and the Doors sing,
who led me to embrace the rebel within one.
At the time I couldn’t sing or play anything,
so I started staring at the stars while dancing right past the Sun.

To show the world I wasn’t born otherwise wrong,
the U.S. Navy had my name the top of their list.
To prove to everyone and myself I didn’t have to belong,
I could do anything I wanted with an open handed fist.

I know I’ve missed the show by a decade or more,
it’s been a non-stop roller coaster ride and I’ve lost track of the time.
I’ve hit rock bottom and can prove it with a number on the door,
fuck it I’m here anyway can write what I mean and finally rhyme.

The Boy Who Didn’t Blink and Girl Who Couldn’t Distinguish

They were born on the same March day on opposite sides of the San Francisco Bay
on the way to their tenth birthday party their cars drove side by side down the road
something strange happened from the back seat as their eyes met on this fateful birthday
although they had never seen each other they knew what they didn’t need to be told
when their eyes locked so forever did their spheres and they evolved on the conscious highway

When the cars parted paths the link like a chain was severely severed and something was lost
although they had only a few moments with their eyes linked it was if it had been almost forever
after unblinking gazes it was if a cloud have enveloped them and they needed to sleep at any cost
they left their own party early and yearned only to dream about their future shock love endeavor
by the time they got home their parents thought he was in shock and she was cerebral crisscrossed

When he awoke the very next day he couldn’t open his eyes not even to blink
the only thing he could clearly visualize was the girl in the car and her gaze
the doctors had absolutely no explanations and no idea whatsoever to think
some thought he was faking it and others thought it was a prepubescent phase
he began to visualize the shadows of those around him and sense when they sync.

After that day in the car she woke up to a world where everybody looked the same
the girl grew up an iconoclast with ink and piercings to signify her difference
her perception was considered a disorder but was really a gift she could claim
she could see their faces in photographs and feel from their gaze of indifference
she believed she could maybe fall in love with someone but only for their brain.

Most people assumed he was blind because he always had on the mirrored shades
his eyes would only open in a completely dark room and that was his favorite vice
he often danced alone in the middle of the room where only darkness pervades
he had known a few nice ladies and even tried to fall in love once or twice
he knew deep down that the key to unlocking his eyes was the love that always evades

When she met someone new she asked them for their id or used her phone to take a pic
after seeing their pic they still looked the same though she could now sense them apart
taking every one’s photo so she could see who they were became part of her shtick
she drifted through life clicking for something never knowing quite where to start
she thought that she could not properly see because of some bad god cosmic trick.

He rarely speaks to strangers about town unless they nicely speak to him first
his eyes worked fine in the dark though everyone assumed they were forever broken
he believed it would be love from the last girl he saw that could lift the curse
though her lazer-beam gaze was etched into his mind her name had never been spoken
what he would say if he saw her again in his mind a thousand times he did rehearse.

He couldn’t open his tightly shut eyes and he refused to let them suggest a clone
a secret he had was that his eyes would open in a dark room in a state of undress
though she couldn’t distinguish people by by their looks she could by pheromone
the urge came upon them both to go dancing at Death Guild and enjoy the darkness
ten years later they both felt the urge to spend their 20th birthday dancing alone.

He could feel every soul on the dance floor and sensed where the bodies swayed & danced
neither of them saw each other as they were drawn to the center of the dance floor
a vivid image of their shadows so clear were the differences of boys & girls enhanced
they bumped and knocked his glasses off as they both emerged from behind the black door
they turned to each other and like magic his eyes opened and they were both entranced.

It wasn’t love that they felt because that was something they could both somehow explain
when they locked eyes it was as if they were experiencing reality for the very first time
they both became transfixed and realized instantly that the last ten years was worth the pain
until this very moment they had both felt that they had been forsaken for some past life crime
although they have two bodies they have become one and now somehow share the same brain.

28 Haikus for You

It is a great gift
I see order everywhere
It is a great curse

Alone in the dark
The sun shines brightly outside
Walking in shadows

When your eyes open
It is difficult to see
Who is you and me

Sweet talk to my face
Bad mouth me behind my back
Destroy my future

Grasp on to my hand
Let’s break the sky together
Dancing on the clouds

Bad guys always win
Good guys come in very last
Where are the women?

Your dark pit awaits
Your swelling does envelop
Your hammer will fall

This can not be real
She must be one of their team
It kinda makes sense

Alone by design
You promised what you couldn’t
The black door is clear

Somebody please help
Drowning in an empty sea
They are waving back

I’ll walk to the bridge
You can push me off the edge
The same as your love

Nothing is funny
Smiling on the outside
Frowning low inside

I can’t help but think
You’re really one of them
Watching me always

No need to repeat
We’ve had this conversation
Time to move along

Been stranded for years
Lost in an urban city
There is no way out

I loath your dark soul
Always a venture in pain
Smile and twist knife

This can not be real
She must be one of their team
It kinda makes sense

I know you’re watching
Taking notes at every down
Waiting for your chance

Down on my two knees
I chatted with god today
Boy is she pissed off

I can’t help but think
You’re really one of them
Watching me always

Alone by design
You promised what you couldn’t
The black door is clear

Write another book
Wishing for an editor
Why waste wonder time

Somebody please help
Drowning in an empty sea
They are waving back

Nothing is funny
Smiling on the outside
Frowning low inside

I’ll walk to the bridge
You can push me off the edge
The same as your love

Love’s complicated
Leave it alone to ferment
Lost in the big maze

Dance your asses off
You only live once or twice
Music is the force





75 Haikus in 2 Days

Written in two days
Seventy-five new haikus
Please enjoy them now

Delusions are safe
When others share them with you
Media madness

Things couldn’t be worse
Open eyes and realize
It is all your fault

Your mirror is cracked
I am in the reflection
But no one else is

You love the strange pain
Nothing surprises me now
Puncture wounds on neck

This is not a poem
I enjoy writing haiku
How do you like it?

The pillow is wet
Clothes are all over the floor
You are home alone

Home is not a home
Living on the road always
No rest until death

It cannot be so
Your lies have been uncovered
There is nothing left

The dark slowly creeps
Under your skin I will crawl
Together we morph

Procrastinate now
Tomorrow never comes back
Waste time together

There’s no one around
Alone is where I am now
Black hole here on Earth

The sorrow deepens
Nothing is beautiful now
Together we burn

Alone in the night
On an endless path of pain
Razor-blade kisses

Status update life
There’s nothing real on Facebook
Thumbing not tounging

You will die alone
The universe is empty
Love is no longer

Will you please wake up
Do something unexpected
The dusk fades with you

Doing terrible
Brain is going to explode
Kill me with your smile

Don’t believe their lies
Everything is ultra fake
they only want more

Fangs drip with fresh blood
The coffin closes at dawn
You are now one too

Beaten down by life
It offers nothing for all
Moon colony soon

Nothing matters now
Life on the run standing still
Alone forever

The future is now
Don’t wait until tomorrow
Tell them right away

Fake friends here again
Pretending to help but hurt
Back stabbing lowlife

Please take me with you
Your dreams are better than mine
Escape together

Life forever lost
There’s no trust at any cost
Love’s a holocaust

The pain is just right
Getting deeper every day
Sleep is optional

Things only get worse
Hope is misleading again
Go back to bed now

Do not let me live
End the curse thrust upon me
Do it quickly please

There is no one there
Speaking to the wall again
No place left to go

I’m waving for help
Everyone looks and smiles
They can’t be bothered

Life is too much fun
Things are going fantastic
Fuck those who need help

They don’t ever hear
They listen only for show
They speak for themselves

Don’t pay attention
Do only the minimum
Always turn them down

The present is lost
I know you love hating me
Nothing matters much

Truth doesn’t matter
Nobody cares for justice
If its not for them

Everything is fine
Is their one common lie line
They tell themselves now

Forget about them
They don’t matter anyway
Lowlife human waste

Whisper in my ear
Tell me you love me again
Then get the fuck out

Unlimited life
Imagine imagining
Wonderful wonder

Enjoy your long life
Forget that I existed
Until you need help

I will not be there
You’ll realize when it’s too late
When they target you

Turn your eyes downward
It’s easy being evil
Just do nothing much

You are my best friend
I hate being around you
Pain follows always

When you are around
The darkness is afraid
You will replace it

I’m my own best friend
Nobody else understands
Speaking is futile

I am here to help
Tell me to please go away
Better off alone

The Feds are watching
Every step you make and take
Big brother is here

Lost in the city
They only see what they see
Blinders work wonders

You are unaware
Everything here is tarnished
Nothing left to shine

Please let me die soon
The pain will then go away
Nothing left to feel

That empty you feel
Is me under your pale skin
Trying to get out

Your advise is null
Actions speak louder than words
Your voice is silent

Easy excuses
Any one will work for you
Brush everyone off

Enjoy being free
Some of us are still a slave
Stick head deep in sand

Nothing matters much
It only hurts when I breathe
Soon the pain will end

There once was a boy
He couldn’t blink more than once
Once he became blind

My stomach turns sick
When I think of being you
Ignoring the good

Tell me how love feels
Just keep the experience
To yourself for now

I know you are there
Waiting for my next failure
Then you can rejoice

I look all around
There are people everywhere
Invisible me

Love and light for some
Pain and suffer for others
Invisible wall

Writing poetry
Not because I enjoy it
Nothing else matters

If you really care
Step out of your comfort zone
Listen to their words

Travel plans this year
Go nowhere and do nothing
Easily achieved

Ignorance is bliss
Tell someone that you need them
Watch them disappear

No no no no no
No no no no no no no
No no no no no

There is no family
All for none and none for all
Endless nothingness

Like is all I want
My heart isn’t broken
It just isn’t there

No need to ask why
They think they know the answers
Questions unwelcome

Life’s an adventure
For some it’s first class seating
For others it’s hell

When the end is near
You will be left all alone
All will perish soon

When they come for you
Will there be anyone left?
Your war is on now

All joking aside
There is nothing funny here
Smile till it hurts

Heaven doesn’t care
Hell won’t let me back inside
Go dancing instead

Bland Blank Books

My life is a big open book,
There’s nothing on the covers,
There’s no one there to look,
Only once long lost lovers.

Blank is how I feel inside,
Bland is my favorite taste,
Blank is how I once died,
Bland is the stare on my face.

They lower their eyes in silence,
At once they bow their head,
Together they come with violence,
Against the one who is undead.

Shonna’s Coastered Hart

Shonna’s movin along with a discovered new mom,

living like butterflies without many regrets and a grin,

her life is like a path with no way to take the clear step,

riding flying red zebras flying into the sky with the wind.

These changes, lessons & mistakes have made her strong,

she’s in charge of her long life line along with her snuggle,

to compare without needs your journey would be wrong,

forgiving pasts along the way while not forgetting struggle.

Living for today and teach from all of the yesterday’s years,

knowing change happens in blinks of an eye from the start,

changeing how things have roller coastered through tears,

she means what she says with her longing Liverpool Hart .

Wemembering Everything Bad

We used to hate everything bad together for real good fun

wememberings of what happened 7 long hard years ago

which someone of the 5,000 friends is not the real one

when everybody stops we know it’s time to get up & go.

Life is just a job and what happens to us we call reality

sitting at the big kids table you only ask smart questions

the perceptions we have had between they us and we

rarely for the greater good do we engage in suggestions

having an opinion and giving advise is easy when it’s early.

Lovelust is the challenge and nothing much can be undone

do San Francisco with everything and anybody to do it with

socialize at a poetry night and challenge yourself to read one

we keep out of the hives as drones become part of the myth

a year of long weekends alone and stark yet still having fun.

My fb profile is nearly full with 1,052 active of 5,000 fbeople

what a non-boring city as an indolent bunch with our readings

they are an unfriend to make room for others at the steeple

they’ve obviously mistaken me for someone with no feelings.


Pistanthrophobic Nyctophilia

There once was a shy boy who didn’t blink,

he liked to read books then sit around and think,

he thought he’d be forever eating alone over the sink,

until he met a smart girl dancing with piercings and ink.

At first he didn’t quite realize that she was just like him,

she noticed his unblinking eyes which created a grin,

although they look different they are the same within,

they both devour knowledge and like it when it’s grim.

When it comes to love they both have a phobia,

it seems to others that they have xenophobia,

but they just have a bit of pistanthrophobia,

together they indulge their nyctophilia.