The Eye-light Essence [Sun Trance Virus Pt. 2]

Part 1


Pt. 2

To trance or not to trance became the only asked question
it became the dividing line that everyone could see being drawn
it didn’t matter where you came from or how much money was yours
to trance was not a choice but many would make it or fake it if they could
everyone that started trancing would become a Trancer and most a roughneck
it was impossible to hide and eventually everyone is suspect and gets the check
fakers were everywhere on both sides of the line taking more than they should
once the eye-light could be captured they became free trancing whores
a wide open free range and homes designed to capture their dawn
a weekly visit to the treatment center where they plugged-in.

Trancers transferred their energy to the grid
everyone on Earth became somewhat maladjusted
chaos ensued and wars erupted where once there was peace
there were many different types of trancers but the world had been divided
a type of pseudo alliance emerged that would take a millennia to be grasped fully
enemies became united as society disintegrated and transmogrified simultaneously
it wasn’t an infectious disease but rather a bio-code that’s been coincided
the trancers realized they were not the problem but the fleece
a rebellion occurred and while no one could be trusted
a trancer could tell one of their own by their eyelid.

There is only one natural way to Sun Trance
everyone still ate the same food even in the disarray
the hunters entrusted with the secret have become the hunted
people wanted what the trancers had and would do anything for eye-light
it became what replaced all religion and became the primary reason to be distressed
even though many knew the secret of the source they waged to keep it suppressed
a lie like reality was created that would blur the lines of who there was to fight
the mystery of the source was like an invisible wedge that shunted
like playing ping-pong with a player who doesn’t want to play
Sun Trancers and blue bloods just could not dance.

Ultra Trancers can kinda read your complete thoughts
when this was discovered they began to call it a disorder
they medicated all of the senses away almost without trying
they did everything possible to suppress the Trance from the masses
they say it gave them unfair advantages in an otherwise corrupt playing field
they began to be excluded from activities and some expected them to yield
Not all were Ultra but had enhanced talent when wearing sunglasses
among their abilities is that they can tell when someone is lying
it began slowly without needing a fired first shot or boarder
the eye-light from the Sun made us all astronauts.


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