Soul Asylum {Gift Me Your Soul}

Souls are more than most believe they to be and we’re free to give them away
Once it’s freely given to me I will no longer be me but instead will always be we
Until the end of warped dilated time it will always be with us in part or in whole
Long ago my very own soul was depleted of quanta and now needs recharging

All that I need are souls like ours so that together we may commingle and be free
She will unconsciously feel the soul stream intently and process most everything
You shall give your soul freely and never expect it to return from my black hole
Love is only a frequency of energy and can be transubstantiated with intention
Empty is the vessel with only one stream with no one whom to share everything
Modulating quantum tethering will always be there to bond both you and me.



Souls Who Have Found Asylum



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