The Sun Trance Virus

At first it seemed as if everything just started going wacky all of the sudden and horrifying,
car accidents were happening everywhere and airplanes just started falling from the sky,
the pilots refused to land and instead pointed the plane toward the sky and kept flying,
they would fly until they ran out of fuel, then crash to the ground and everyone would die.

It wasn’t safe to go anywhere with anyone and planes were falling on houses quite frequently,
when we Trancers appeared they surmised that our Sun was the cause something internecine,
while they called it The Sun Trance Virus all along nobody believed that was a true perception,
the virus came from a freak lab accident or at least that’s what they told everyone with voracity,
they were trying to create a new bio-chemical that would increase solar panel power capacity,
the Trance seemed to hit anyone everywhere at once with absolutely not one single exception,
calling it a virus gave people hope that they might be cured or protected with a new vaccine,
many do not believe the virus is random and there is something that links the victims directly.

Trancers stopped doing everything while gently turning their heads and stared into our Sun,
the Sun Trance Virus (STV) seemingly strikes randomly and only adults of all ages and races,
not everyone was infected and nobody is either immune or carriers and it can’t be undone,
once infected it was not possible to determine when the trance would strike or the places,
it didn’t happen each time they looked into our Sun but when it did the results were often fun,
it was perpetually random and always with an increased frequency with many more cases.

After beginning to Trance, their whole life would change and so would all that they dream,
it was described as if there was something intangible in the air that they could almost sense,
like a sound wave they could see if only they concentrated hard enough on the Sun beam,
if they were driving a car or walking down the street they would just stop and seem dense,
they’d stare as if it were whispering their name as the feeling would become more extreme.

Trancing made people feel refreshed and energized regardless of the damage incurred
if the first time the Trance struck they happened to be standing in the early morning light
in a secluded location such as a farmer in their field or a ranger on the range with their herd,
they emerge from a day of Trancing with their eyes cracked, bleeding and with blind fright,
they only felt joy and even though now blind would want to go dancing and be heard.

The Trance effect was much stronger without sunglasses and so was the damage done,
once Tranced they could be shook or jarred out of their state of suspended animation,
resistance would increase as it would become more difficult to pull them out of their stun,
if left alone they would stand there till past dusk or some something ended their duration,
they could stare for hours at a time without ever blinking much or feeling the need to run,
some would stare until their eye balls would dry out cracked and would bleed a ton.

There are two types of Trancers and they are Dawn and Dusk but nobody knows why,
for some reason some go into a morning trance and others do so in the afternoon,
Trancers would generally sleep during the day and be ready to trance with the dusk sky,
afternoon Trancers are safer than the others and morning Trancers become the tycoon,

You could tell someone was trancing because they looked fabulous and their skin glowed,
they carried with them and admirable exuberance for which they eventually became hated,
it took years for them to notice but when they did it changed like a version of depeche mode,
the Trancers who didn’t overdose on our Sun and burned out their only eyes became elated,
they were aging much slower and the careful ones living longer than what they were owed,
those few who could control the trance grew to be very wealthy and power concentrated.

Once it was understood that some Trancers where benefiting from the Trancing phenomenon,
the government once again stepped in and begin to tax and regulate Trancing and the Trancers,
the Trancing laws were passed and Trancers became a protected and persecuted echelon,
with the Sun tax, anyone with a job now how to pay a portion of their income to the Trancers,
for the benefit of society of course was their excuse but there was something sinister going on.

People wanted the Sun Trance Virus and were willing to pay or do anything to be infected,
but nobody could tell how it was activated or even if it was passed from person to person,
the unmissed would disappear and they would be harvested like cattle and inspected,
they would be bled dry with their organs and blood sold by a black market salesperson,
the myth emerged that drinking the blood of a Trancer could make you one of the selected,
although experiments on unknowing subjects were completed their effect would only worsen.

Although there have been exceptions, when their eyes rupture, blindness is predictive,
trance inducing rays have an addictive quality like a slow working drug that you love,
the Trance itself is a slightly euphoric feeling but coming out is what makes it addictive,
it’s described as having a spiritual awakening and a hundred mindgasms from above,
those who were not affected eventually became mean spirited and very vindictive.

Because Trancers were misunderstood they became suspect and the targets of abuse
fearful car dealerships and renal businesses would hang “NO Trancers Served” signs,
“Trancers Go Home and Stay Inside” signs appeared everywhere with a rope noose,
a new economy emerged around the Trancer population and all of their bloodlines,
they began to spend as little time as possible indoors and usually considered abstruse.

Coming out of a trance was like having your untethered mind & body unlocked and aware,
people were getting high just by looking at the Sun and addicted to coming out of its trance,
everyone that was one, understood but the rest of the world remained baffled and unaware,
they slept during the day and came alive at night in more ways that went beyond chance,
Trancer spas, social support groups, sex clubs and parties were happening daily everywhere.

The Feds were build trancing centers everywhere so Trancers could Trance in comfort and safety,
these were very large buildings with lots of seats next to windows and no way to fall or look away,
they allowed Trancers to sit and Trance in safety with a paid staff who just watched them innately,
they became hated and eventually hunted just because they loved to stare at the sky all day.


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