Sucked by Everyone

People suck always,
oh yes they suck you,
they suck everything,
in all that they ever do.

They suck your life at the office,
each and every long dreary day,
they suck out your very old soul,
the part that wants to run and play.

They suck out your cash at the gas pump,
they suck your change walking down the street,
they suck from behind the fast food counter,
always beware of those you greet and meet.

No matter where you go there is someone there,
who desperately wants to take all that you have,
they’ll take your possessions and many friends too,
count yourself lucky if you walk away with halve.

Their trusting wide grin and sucking below the belt,
giving you the feeling you’re in the company of a friend.
no matter how many suckers you’ll meet in your life,
you’re the biggest sucker of all with the wrong boy/girlfriend.


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