Deeper Still Delph


The deeper I fall the deeper the hole seems to get,
life is a daily romp through some kind of hell,
nothing is worth remembering so we forget,
there is never a reason to ring the win bell.

My head hurts and my ears are ringing,
clothes smell like red cigarette smoke,
listening to the screams like singing,
time dilates you and that’s no joke.

Friday nights are alone and stark,
those people who stroll by thrive,
there’s nothing to do in the dark,
I wonder how is it they survive.

My life is not my own to live,
there is nothing to celebrate,
don’t receive but only give,
alone I sit and deliberate.

Alone in the bright night,
alone in the darkest day,
there’s nothing to right,
no place safe to stray.

It is empty down here,
all alone with myself,
I feel only acute fear,
and an empty delph.


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